6G Celicas

1995 GT Hatchback

Year: 1995
Chassis Code: ST204
Type: GT
Body Style: Hatchback
Transmission: Manual
Color: Iris Pearl
Location: Columbia, MD

Added about 11 years ago by Tigawoods.


BEAMS 3S-GE VVT-i Yellow Top

ARP Head Studs

HKS Super Flow Intake MAF Pipe

AEM Brute Force Dry-Flow Filter

TRD Helical LSD S54 Transmission

ORC Ogura Lightweight Flywheel 9.7lbs

SPEC Stage 2 Clutch Kit

ARP Pro Series Flywheel Bolts

Kirkosaurus Polyurethane Motor Mount Inserts

TWM Performance Short Shifter

TWM Performance Aluminum Shifter Base Bushings

Speed Source Extended Clutch Push Rod

Speed Bleeder Clutch Cylinder Bleeder

Torque Solutions Solid Shift Linkage Bushings


Zury Fabrications Custom Header-Back Dual Center Stainless Exhaust Ver.III V-Band

B&D Machine & Fab Inc Custom Stainless Steel Exhaust Manifold

Magnaflow Stainless Steel Tube Muffler

Vibrant Performance Ultra Quiet Resonator

Magnaflow Hi-Flow Stainless Steel Catalytic Converter

Stainless Works Stainless Steel Flex Pipe


Mishimoto 2 Row Aluminium Radiator

Setrab Series 6 19 Row Oil Cooler

JEGS Black & Gold Elite Series AN fittings

Mishimoto Oil Thermostatic Oil Plate

Fuelab 818 Fuel Filter

Braille Auto B2015 "No Weight" Racing Battery (relocated to rear)

Radium Engineering Dual PCV/Crankcase Catch Cans Closed System

MR2 Spyder Rear Mounted EHPS

Setrab Series 1 - 13 Row PS Cooler Rear Mounted

SPAL 147CFM PS Cooler Fan

Racepak V-Net PS Temp Sensor

MAX Aluminum Breather Tank

Mishimoto Coolant Reservoir Tank

Samco Sport Coolant Hoses

Newton Equip. TVP8 In Line Tank Fuel Tank Vent Valve 0.05 bar

Sun Auto Hot Earth Hyper Grounding System

Sun Auto Hyper Voltage Stabilizer System MR

Prosport Water Temperature Sender

AMS Remote Oil Pressure Sender

Custom 1 of 1 BeatRush by LAILE Radiator Cooling Panel

Braille 2018 Battery Box

Raychem DR-25 Wrapped Wiring Harness

Mishimoto Oil Cap



Custom TEIN JDM ST202 Super Street Driving Master Coilovers

TEIN 70mm Coilover Springs F:250mm 8kgf/mm R:225mm 6kgf/mm

Swift Thrust Sheet Spring Seats

T³ Aluminum Camber/Caster Plates Special Edition Black (F) *

TEIN EDFC Active PRO Dampening Control

T³ Aluminum Adjustable Control Arms (R)

T³ Aluminum Adjustable Trailing Arms (R)

Polybush GT4-Play Polyurethane Trailing Arm Bushings

TRD 3-Point Strut Bar (F)

RCR 3-Point Strut Bar (R)

Suspension Techniques Anti-Sway Bar 24mm (F)

Suspension Techniques Adjustable Anti-Sway Bar 22mm (R)

Suspension Techniques Polyurethane Sway Bar Bushings

GT4-Racing Polyurethane Endlinks (F)

Two's R Us Stainless Steel Adjustable End links (R)

GT4-Racing Polyurethane Control Arm Bushings (F)

EMUSA Adjustable Floor Brace

ISC Suspension Neoprene Coilover Covers


ST-205 4 Piston Calipers (F)

ST-205 2 Piston Calipers (R)

APEXi GT Spec 2-Piece Slotted Rotors (F)

EBC ST-205 Premium Standard Rotors (R)

EBC Red Stuff Ceramic Kevlar® Pads (F/R)

Stop Tech Stainless Steel Braided Brake Hoses (F/R)

Rotor & Caliper Cooling Ducting (F)

Speed Bleeder Brake Bleeding Fittings

ATE Super Blue Racing Brake Fluid

RAYS Volk RE30 17x9 +35 Championship White

Falken Azenis RT615K 255/40

WEDSPORT TC105N 17x9 +35

Nitto NT-01 255/40

Motorsport Tech 10mm Spacers (F)

Motorsport Tech 18mm Adapters (5x100-5x114.3) (R)

Muteki Blue Anodized 1008 Steel Lug Nuts

ARP Extended Lug Bolts (F)

H&R Extended Lug Bolts (R)


Custom 3 Element Rear Diffuser

JDM H.I.D. Projectors

JDM Clear High Beams

JDM Option Fog lights

JDM Kouki Taillights

TTE LRS Composite Side Mirrors

SEIBON Carbon Fiber Hood w/ After Hours Composite Works Carbon Fiber Vent

AeroCatch Hood Latches

VIS Carbon Fiber Hatch (painted)

Aeromagic Front Lip

Euro Factory Option Side Skirts

Clear Side Repeaters W/ Lamin-x Tint

Wolfie Clear Front Turn Lenses

DDM 5000k HIDs

Nokya Hyper Yellow High Beams

TIGA's 22 LED High Mount Stop Light with FL2S-10A Brake Light Strobe Module

vLED 15 LED Red Taillight

vLED 15 LED Amber Turnlight

vLED 8 LED 5K White Reverse Light

Matte White Toyota Emblems

Shaved Spoiler/Wiper/Spray Nozzle

Sokie Tech Hood Dampers

Circuit Performance Ceramic Headlight Wiring Harness

Hella SuperTone Horns

LLumar 30% Tint

CoverMates Ultima Semi-Fit Car Cover


Racepak IQ3s Digital Dash Dislpay

Racepak GPS Module

APEXi Auto Timer Volt Monitor

Prosport Digital Series Digital Wideband Air/Fuel Gauge

RECARO Profi SPG Custom Confetti Seats

Planted Technology Seat Bracket

Sparco R-345 Leather Steering Wheel

Sparco 4-Point Competition Cam Lock Harness

Custom Harness Bar

TWM Performance Competition Series Shift Knob

Spree White LED Interior Kit

JL Full Component Speakers

BRIDE Japan Upholstered Doors / Armrest


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BlueSparrow says:

Love the fact that your Celica is build for the thrill of the driving experience. You stuck with it and your hard work and love shows! Keep it up.

Posted almost 2 years ago


pluto says:

Who needs red top beams? Obviously yellow top is where its at! Sick ride bro.diffuser is sick!

Posted about 2 years ago


JFXtreme007 says:

So much love for this car! and that Yellow top beams!! :)

Posted over 2 years ago


JDUB says:

love your car man!

Posted over 2 years ago


Originalfuture says:


Posted about 3 years ago


yooviic says:

How are those m2 performance headers? i dont know that headers i should get.

Posted about 3 years ago


94_celica_gt_5sfe says:

Were did you get your cams from?

Posted almost 4 years ago


J-man says:

Always inspiring and looking so good! Makes me not wanna sell mines now. lol

Posted almost 4 years ago


Tort1llaboy says:


Posted about 4 years ago


chrisplantz says:

I'm diggin the exhaust! Also I like the blue with white rims. Really clean car man, keep it up.

Posted over 4 years ago


Pfloyd09 says:

Really, one pic of the back? That's not even right.. :)

Posted over 4 years ago


Phantom6gc says:

Cmon man more pics please !! lol quit teasing yo this thing looks like a monster though more picssssss !!!

Posted over 4 years ago


Antz5SFE says:

sooo clean. & nice photography!

Posted over 5 years ago


cajon says:

Very nice car, wish i could see more of it. Int, eng.

Posted almost 6 years ago


xXZunGPhunGXx says:

yo whats up man

Posted over 6 years ago


j0ch0a94ST says:

I've always liked your car, and ya know why...? Cause its different! and your not afraid to rock steelies.

Posted over 8 years ago


ledge says:

im trippin out i saw ur pics on an entry. wow nice ride

Posted over 8 years ago


whatthe says:

do you have any pics of your interior bar work? wanna see iettt

Posted almost 9 years ago


whatthe says:

hey man, is your roll cage/interior bars thingie custom made or a product?

Posted almost 9 years ago


crwarrior says:

nice pictures man.

Posted about 9 years ago


808celica says:

i see you put the bulbasaur HAhahaahah

Posted over 9 years ago


garin says:

yeah we'll have to see if anything works out. are you on facebook? i think i've seen your celica on there before.

Posted over 9 years ago


bslik says:

your car makes me want some clean black steelies

Posted over 9 years ago


Jaws4God says:


Posted almost 10 years ago