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6G Celicas Forums _ My Project _ 1996 Celica Convertible

Posted by: Jankerfun Jun 23, 2017 - 8:59 AM

Finally I'm home.

Bought a 1996 Vert off of Craigslist. This would be my 5th Celica, and there was a good gap in between... Now I'm ready to sink money in the project, and just wanted to keep a thread to share my progress

Purchased: 1996 Celica Vert, Leather, Auto. 138,000 miles

Window Sticker ($28,000), and all service (at the purchasing dealership) came with the car. Original owner bought the extended warranties that brought him up to 98k miles... Second owner kept their receipts for the half assed general maintenance that was performed since their ownership.

Car when purchased: Hard cold start, Check engine light for Shift solenoids. $900 bucks Needed Tires. Had a 1 month old Brand NEW soft Top installed.

Works performed so far:
Plugs, Wires, Cap, Rotor
Cleaned Throttle body
Purchased new Tires ( $37 a tire shipped Thunderer brand, 60k mile warranty. Was skeptical, they are amazing)
Peeled that half ass plastidip off, repainted the rims silver
New PCV valve
New Fuel Filter
New shift solenoids in tranny
New Filter and flush for tranny, switch to Dexron Vi
New Shift solenoid on behind Neutral Control Switch
Air Filter
Convertible top 360 kit for waterproofing top
Wash, strip, wax

Parts ordered as of 6/23:
Brakes from Amazon ($23 a pair front and back)
Rotors from Advanced auto ($100 shipped for all 4)
Seat Covers From Vince, just came in
Exhaust donut for small whistling leak from in front of the cat
Headlights from another Celica Brother... to replace an old leaking one that has yellowed
Front Fiberglass splitters
Factory Dealership 1996 Celica 26 page brochure, its amazing
3 ads for 1996 celica.

Parts to be ordered:
New interior Carpet (to freshen the interior)
Random interior bezels (the old wood stick on is peeling off)
Factory Floor Mats (didn't come with them)
Convertible boot cover (in negotiations currently)
Interior Speakers
Factory CD player not working, so getting one of those

Long Term Plans:
Going to spend this winter taking care of the body work. Going to have her repainted Renaissance Red with super duper clear coat.

That is it folks. I want this celica to be as factory as factory can be. I've even started filling up a CD case with the hits from the later 80s and early 90s up to 96 to make it authentic!

I believe it is 4 years until this baby is a classic. So I am time capsuling this one to bring to shows. It is my play toy, it doesn't need to be fast... just want her to shine!

Posted by: Jankerfun Jun 23, 2017 - 9:06 AM

Pic of how she sat before the rims painted

Posted by: cheela Jun 23, 2017 - 9:17 AM

awesome! looks like you got a good plan. keep us updated with your progress and post some pics soon. smile.gif

Posted by: antoine64 Jun 23, 2017 - 12:26 PM

Looks like a great find and a fun project! It's beautiful!! Somebody in my town had a 1992 Celica lift-back up for sale that they had found in an old lady's garage with like 40,000 miles on it. The thing looked brand new! I'd wished I could have bought it but he wanted too much money. $900 sounds like a steal!

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