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6G Celicas Forums _ My Project _ On to the next one evilRed95

Posted by: sandusky1977 Sep 11, 2017 - 2:07 PM

Several of you already know, I've purchased a car from a follow member again. This time, I've picked up a 1995 Celica ST. Below are the specs today, and the pics of picking it up. I'll be using IG evilRed95 if anyone is interested in more frequent updates. I'll be posting here as well, just takes longer since I go through and resize and upload photos etc...


2nd gen 3sgte swap ('91 mr2 turbo) - block: hot tanked, honed, replaced freeze plugs, decked & painted
CP pistons, Eagle Rods, ACL bearings, ARP studs, rod bolts & flywheel bolts
Rebuilt head, hot tanked, decked, new valve seals, cometic gaskets throughout, new valve cover & bolts
NGK spark plugs, Magnacore wires, new timing belt, tensioner & pulleys, new high power 160amp alternator.
new oil pump, Walbro fuel pump, water pump, & fuel filter assembly's & koyo radiator w/TRD t-stat.
poly-filled gt4 motor & tranny mounts.
LSD, just replaced trans fluid with Redline MT-90
fidanza lightened flywheel, f1 stage 2 clutch, new throwout bearing & redline fluid
3" downpipe (no cat), front mount Mishimoto intercooler, 3" straight intake to K&N air filter
EGR deleted
cold start injector deleted & replaced with Intake Temp sensor in preparation for stand alone ECU
Enkei RSV bronze 17x7 w/ Hankook Ventus HRII h405 215/45/17 tires
rear disc conversion including, stainless steel brake lines, drilled & slotted rotors, new rear wheel bearings
Front Lexus ES300 2 piston Calipers, GT Rotors & Stainless Steel lines

D2 Coilovers
Suspension Technique Sway-bars
Megan front strut bar
GT4 rear strut bar

moonroof shade
clear side markers
completely stripped & repainted/clear coated black engine bay to match engine
hood struts
stripped and resprayed underside in rubberized black
6000k HID's in lows

6.5" component alpine type-r's (front) and6.5" alpine type-s (rear)
7th gen black perforated leather GTS seats
7th gen 3spoke steering wheel
Sabelt 2" 4pt race harnesses (not completely installed)
pure white cluster LED conversion
Vincents black-black leather accessories (arm rest, shift boot and e-brake)
"custom cup holders" relocated to inside console
clear (Tundra) courtesy door lens covers
battery relocated to trunk

And now I give you.... evilRed95

I just so happen to be a member of Team Mishi, so bonus that it has the Mishimoto FMIC

Looks like it belongs here...

I need to give it a good bath and a nice shine, it's got some nice goodies.

Time for my Premium Sound Door Cards to be installed

Finally have a use for my complete leather interior, it's been waiting for the right car.

Some cleaning, and such and this is going to be incredible.

Posted by: cheela Sep 11, 2017 - 2:34 PM

looks like a great base to start with. and you already have plans laid out so I'm just gonna sit back and watch this thread. lol
would be a great sleeper aside from the fact that it's red. haha.

Posted by: Box Sep 11, 2017 - 5:07 PM

I think you have an addiction, you need help. You should call the addiction center. laugh.gif

Posted by: jordisonjr Sep 12, 2017 - 8:43 AM

QUOTE (Box @ Sep 11, 2017 - 6:07 PM) *
I think you have an addiction, you need help. You should call the addiction center. laugh.gif


Good pick up! Looks like its already got a handful of good parts on it. Look forward to seeing what else you do!

Posted by: sandusky1977 Sep 18, 2017 - 9:28 AM

I spent yesterday raiding my personal hoard of 6gc parts. Came back with carpet, headliner, leather front and rear seats, a couple of body plugs that were missing. I also grabbed a temporary stereo out of my Alltrac, and the Fuel Cut Defender.

Show this weekend if I can get evilRed cleaned up, probably going to leave the interior out for now, since I've not installed the sound dampening material, wiring for the sound system, or the alarm, and I would hate to install it just to pull it back out.

Think I'm ordering the new stereo and wiring today, new gauges, and the solenoids for the lift back popper, and fuel door popper. Next to pick out amps, a sub or two, and start designing a box. So much for weight reduction, guess I'll just have to add more HP.

Posted by: sandusky1977 Sep 25, 2017 - 8:43 AM

Fun weekend, drove down from Ann Arbor, MI to Toledo for the University of Toledo Tuners 5th Annual Charity Show, yesterday. evilRed is looking pretty good all cleaned up. Here are some photos.

In other news, my standalone MegaSquirt ECU, T3/T4 adapter, and adjustable wastegate are on the way later this week, so the build to more HP starts soon. I'm also back and forth on installing an interior, or leaving it gutted. Don't know if I want the weight or not. I've already decided that the sound system I was going to build to install in evilRed is not happening. Since I'm not going to daily this car, there is no reason to spend the money on the sound system, when there is a lot I can do for performance first.

Posted by: cheela Sep 25, 2017 - 9:22 AM

i see no point in an interior if it's not a dd and you're going for HP with this celi.
put your interior and sound system into a celi that you'd drive everyday and leave this one as a gutted racecar. biggrin.gif

Posted by: sandusky1977 Oct 4, 2017 - 12:56 PM

QUOTE (cheela @ Sep 25, 2017 - 9:22 AM) *
i see no point in an interior if it's not a dd and you're going for HP with this celi.
put your interior and sound system into a celi that you'd drive everyday and leave this one as a gutted racecar. biggrin.gif

Interior is still out, and I'm back and forth on installing it or not, figure I will leave it out for now. I installed my FCD over the weekend, to hold me over until the standalone is installed. The only problem I'm running in to now is fuel delivery. It has a Walbro 255 and it starts to spit and sputter most days at half throttle, today on a quick drive it started to spit and sputter at idle. Thinking I have a clogged screen, or filter. I also built a boost leak tester, which I will try out this weekend to make sure I don't have any of that wonderful boost leaking out.

It was weird to hop in my 5s powered Celica today and drive it, I've spent most of the summer in either my Silver 94 3rd Gen 3sgte swap, or this red 95 2nd gen swap. Incredible the difference. It's sooooooo slow, and you can't even hear it running compared to either of the others.

Posted by: sandusky1977 Oct 31, 2017 - 9:24 AM

Well, I've been up to a lot, but not much work on evilRed lately. Recently I got a 3d printer so I've been busy modeling prototypes, and making parts. I can now print the parcel shelf clips for a liftback. I've also been working on a clock mod that will let me use an abandoned smart watch, and add two usb ports. I'll post that stuff later, you're here to see what's new with evilRed95.

MSPNP2 will be getting installed for spring

Upgraded Adjustable Waste Gate

And... a T3/T4 Adapter Flange

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