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6G Celicas Forums _ Interior/Audio/Electrical/Wiring _ Front Speakers Replacement Suggestions

Posted by: asemblance Nov 18, 2019 - 6:28 PM

Hi All,

Been reading through the various bits and pieces about speakers on the forums, but still not sure on best way forwards.

I've got a '97 GT with the standard 4 speaker setup. Front two speakers blown (the previous owner clearly had a sub and presumably large amp and managed to blow both). I'm looking for the simplest replacement options, with the least messing around.

I have found a pair of OEM that I could order, but seems a shame to waste the opportunity to upgrade a little. However can anybody recommend the most hassle free new pair I could install? Not looking for amazing quality sound or volume, priority is a simple install (i.e. shallow speaker depth so need to drill out bits of door, and nothing too powerful requiring a new amp..). Also, understand I would need an adapter piece (6-5" - 8" to fit the space), and a couple of adapters for the wires. Are these adapters standard on all Toyotas from the same era? I can't seem to find anything specifically mentioning the gen 6 Celica.

Any advice much appreciated!

Posted by: raytrace Nov 26, 2019 - 2:20 PM

I installed some JBL GTO separates -6.5 with the tweeter in the stock location up high. I made some adapter plates out of thin wood. Crossovers next to the woofers and it sounds very good.

I also put some dynamat in the doors in a few locations. No need to completely coat it - a little makes a difference.

Those particular speakers are known for exceptionally clean midrange while they are a bit weak on the high end. I boost the treble a touch on my HU and let the mids sing!

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