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Posted by: Coomer Nov 14, 2005 - 8:08 PM

Welcome to the Off Topic forum! Please read this post completely before posting in the off topic forum. Some basic rules must be followed in order for this forum to not get out of control. These rules are the same as the rules for the rest of the forums, but let me reiterate them below:

1. Try to keep your posts clean. These forums, like the rest of the site, are designed to be a family-safe environment, and that means that you must watch your use of obscenities. This also means not attacking others in your posts. Try to be friendly, especially to newbies, and treat others how you want to be treated.

2. Don't post pornography, spam, racist material, or anything illegal. These things will not be tolerated, and will get you banned from the forums.

3. For sale posts are not allowed in this forum. If you want to sell something not related to the sixth generation Celica, you will need to do it elsewhere, and not on this site.

4. Please refrain from posting pointless posts, such as posts that are just smilies or posts that say stuff like "I'm with stupid" or "Page 2 Owned!"). This includes sarcastic posts about making fun of someone's car, or playful arguing with one another in a thread. These posts simply take over threads and turn them into useless garbage.

Christian Coomer

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