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> ST204 Build - First Car / First Project / Race Car???
post Oct 25, 2017 - 8:15 PM
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Hey Celica Bros! I found this site literally last night and wanted to jump on board, so here's my '95 Celica build! Picked this up a few months back of a guy who'd installed a GT4 wing, lowered the suspension a bit, resprayed her in factory Sea Spray and guttered a wheel \_(ツ)_/ She's my first car but as a bit of an enthusiast and since she's fairly tidy I figured it could be fun to learn more by doing a build with her! My goals for the project are basically to come up with a really nice JDM style build that gets some interested approving glances at meets, looks tasteful on the road, and is fun both as a daily driver and to take on the occasional track day (nothing competitive just to compete against myself. Not winning any prizes in a NA FF!)

Market: AUDM
Year: 1995
Model: ST
Frame & Type(optional): 2 Door Liftback
Engine: Factory 2.2L 5s-FE
Transmission: S54 Edit: Thanks to Box for letting me know smile.gif

Pre-face lift front end.

Wang looks way bigger in photos.

Especially from the back.

Especially from the back.

Mmmm, Right Hand Drive goodness wink.gif

Fake, period correct alarm system on the right, the red switch I honestly don't know why it's there. The wiring is grounded but not actually connected to anything. N2O switch??

Switch panel is in pretty bad shape. Driver's side window doesn't always work without Super Nintendo-ing the plugs a bit.

Being a bit damaged but still functional and not too grott is kinda the theme with the interior at the moment.

Aftermarket muffler and exhaust tip. A bit rusty now that I'm looking at it but I want to replace it and go dual twin tips anyway, 300zx style!

There it is! The 2.2L 5S-FE! Not sure if Oil Filter is relocated but if it is then I think it's the only mod done to it.

And here's the money shot wink.gif

Thought this was pretty great, nice Ingrish.

Couple of stickers on the rear window because I thought I was cool. Dunno if I'll keep these but I might do some tasteful decals once I'm mostly done with the exterior of the car. MCM Chopped Fingers is a must though!

Okay, I lied. This is the money shot $$$$$$$$$$$$$$

So that's her in her current state! In terms of mods, I'm currently committing to the basic Kouki headlight conversion, JDM Foglights, either Kouki tail lights or Toyota Curren tail lights (Leaning towards the latter, lemme know what you guys think!), SS3 Side Skirts, and maybe an aftermarket roof spoiler (Saw it on a GT4 once and it looked awesome with the main wing). Thinking of maybe doing a Red-top Beams swap later down the line (because I'm on my provisional license it's actually illegal for me to drive a Turbocharged or Supercharged vehicle without a permit in my state, so 3S-GTE or a 4A-GZE swap is totally not a thing I can do) if I can scrape up the cash for it. Mate of mine suggested putting a v6 from a Mitsubishi Magna (Kind of like a really beefy Mirage Sedan/wagon for those of you in the US), but a 3S-GE is probably simpler for someone just learning and easier in general anyway, plus it's not as cool as saying it's all Toyota! Other than that if anyone's got any mad suggestions please let me know!

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