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Full Version: Anyone ever use one of these?
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Hey i was just looking around and found this, it looked pretty cool, it basicially just moniters different aspects of performance. anyone ever used this, or somethin like it? they work good?

ps sorry if this should be in interior section, but i figured it could go either way, feel free to move me smile.gif.
Looks good- how does it get the information? OBDII?
Accelerometers. It's basically like the old G-Tech.
i have no idea how it gets the info, i know it plugs right into ur lighter like a radar decter, iunno. but i'm seriously thinking about getting it, anyone else have any more info on it? or a similiar product
i have something like that its the apex-i rsm witch shows you the speed the rpm the battery voltage, 0-100, 0-200, 0-400, loss power etc............... and it also put out your speed limit defencer i thing this is what you call them. the instalation is very easy it goes straight to thye ecu and it comes with instrustions of instalation and use and its very beautifull too! i will post some pictures soon
The old Rev/Speed meter used to derive its info from the vehicle speed sensor in the transmission. It allows you to calibrate it for different tire sizes and to diasble the speed cut. I've had mine for years now; no complaints.

The new unit from A'Pexi seems to do the same stuff, but has an optional accelerometer that you can buy to give you further information about the car like lateral acceleration and HP calculation. The thing that makes any of these accelerometer systems more accurate is the correct input of your car's weight, including driver. If you can, go weigh the vehicle at a truck stop with scales or find someone with some race scales who's willing to help.
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