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Full Version: My 3sgte is acting up...
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My car runs rich and i know that is a little bit of my problem but....
about every few minutes i get a huge puff of smoke that lasts about 5 seconds comming out of my exhaust and then goes away????
then my car runs fine and looks like there is no probs
few minutes later there it goes again... what could this be from
the puff of smoke is huge and if there is a car behind me when it happen , i cant see the car by the time it stops smoking!!!
why would this only happen every so often and not constantly if something was wrong i am not sure.

anyone got any ideas on this? i got no oil in my antifreeze, no water in my oil, and my turbo is brand new so its not that either.

i am thinking valve seals or ???? but still i am confused at why it only happens every so often

what are all you other 3s people running as far as oil in your engines
i got 10w40
i was just wondering
I have Synthetic 15W 50.
You can adjust the A/F ratio on the AFM.
DG, the most important question is: WHAT COLOR IS THE SMOKE!? smile.gif

if it's whitish blue, it's the valve seals. But they're on startup, go from stop, or constant always on. Haven't heard of a once a minute.

As for running rich, what FMU are you running? What size injectors? what fuel pump?
Fuel pump doesnt pump more than what the ecu tells it too. Injectors will have an effect tho.
well i get a blue light smoke between shifts cause of rich conditions i am guessing. but the huge puff of smoke is mostly white looking but the amount is the crazy part. you guys dont understand the puff is huge for 5 seconds and then stops and looks fine
only fuel change i did to my car was change the fuel pump to the 255lph
and it is set to run constantly though
????? that still dont explain my huge smoke problem though
blue is oil, there might be something leaking into ur exhaust path.
sound like engine coolant maybe a headgasket or a loose connection somehwere... check for leaks
headgasket is possible. Are you running the stock CT26? is it oil and water cooled, or just oil?

i think it might be narrowed down to the valve seals?
this would explain why it only happens every so often
i am pulling the spark plugs later and going to have a look at em
o2 sensor may be messed up leading to massive overfueling. check this
hmm the blue smoke has me worried. back smoke is when you are running rich.

if you have a blow off valve, it may be whats causing you to run rich.
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