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Full Version: few exhaust questions
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i just got quoted for 160 at exhaust shop, he said 2.25 inch piping from the cat back and a magnaflow turbo muffler. now my questions are what is the stock gt exhaust diamater, and will this 2.5 be enough. also are their ne canistor mufflers that are not loud. thanks
go 2.5 inch piping... and 160 seems really cheap for mandral bent- it sounds like he's gonna have it crushed and thats BAD; you can't go wrong with a mangaflow muffler btw; but I dont think thats included with the 160
muffler is included, im not sure if its mandrel ill have to find out, i also dont thin khe will do 2.5 for some reasen
on a NA gt, 2.5 inch is perfect
im pretty sure he plans on boosting within a year though...
yea , but if i plan on boosting throwing down another 100 bucks for new piping wouldnet be so bad, im not 100% sure if im boosting
o yea and just curuios whats difference between mandrel bent and crushed
crushed = crappy; really bad for airflow.
mandrel = smooth and sensual, like a woman's body

The muffler's INBCLUDED? Jesus. I want to live in RI; thats really cheap.
hes a exhaust specialist so im gonna assume its mandrel, ill have to ask for sure tho... o god i hope its mandrel
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