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Full Version: Interesting discovery about the GReddy cat-back...
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I discovered something about the GReddy cat-back exhaust today. Anyone that owns it knows that the only part of the entire exhaust that's chrome is the tip, unlike the ones pictured on the GReddy site which are all chrome. The rest of the exhaust on the Celica application is a tan/toupe color.

Today I was rinsing my car with a pressure washer and starting hitting my tip. I noticed there were a couple pieces of grass in the exhaust mounts coming from the side of the muffler, so I proceeded to hammer it with the pressure washer and then saw a glimmer... Underneath that nasty tan paint is a nice shiny chrome. I tried to get as much of it off as I could but I didn't have much luck with removing the most part of it. Still, nice to know it's all chrome underneath biggrin.gif
yeah for some reason some of their exhausts got painted tan. i asked them about it a while back and they had no clue why it happeded. they told me to get some pain stripper and take that tan crap off. it was easy to do and looks awesome once u get it off.
a nice suprise. there was a thread about this on about 2 years ago. if I remember correctly the best way to get it off is lacquer thinner or paint thinner (in paste form).
Yeah, the exhaust looks real nice once its all off there. I think me and lagos were the first 2 to strip the exhausts back then..... My how things have grown.
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