I've had an acceleration problem for quite some time now. Here is my past link when I origionally tried to see whats wrong.


I've move onto adjusting my HKS Super AFR and try to improve results with Air/Fuel mixture. I recently noticed some abnormal readings when accelerating.

My all around fuel adjustment is set at 12%. I don't know if these numbers are relavent to the problem...but when my Boost Gage is at around 10psi of vacuum, and RPMs are around 2500-2700, it seems as if fuel is being cut off and shunts/stutters/loses power /etc. When this happens...

my HKS Super AFR reads -00%.

After I ease up on the pedal and reach a cruising speed and steady rpm, the display returns to its 12% setting that its programmed for.

This has been going on for quite some time now, and although the new O2 sensor helped, I still sometimes need to reset the internal air/fuel mixture computer to get it riding smoothly again. If anyone can help me out, it would be awesome. Thanks.