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Full Version: General Cost
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what's a general cost of getting a full cat-back exhaust and muffler (whats a good diameter?) biggrin.gif
2.5 is a good size, 3 if you got turbo. any bigger and you will be loseing more then you'll gain, and any less then 2 and it might as well be stock.
price really depends on what kinda kit you want, name brand or cheep, or even custum from a shop, i would say $250-500.
i got mine done for 160 but i provided my own muffler.
so if i got a 2.5" custom exhaust done by a shop how much would that be? and im goin for a good sounding exhaust, how about a muffler?
i went magnaflow myself but if i hadf to do it again id go hks super silent. and i woulda got a test pipe put in when i had mine done instead of a hi flow cat.

as for muffler anything by hks will be amazing.
I think bourla is a good brand, sounds good, and not too loud.

There is no way to really guess the price of a custom shop exhaust, it all depends on the shop.
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