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Full Version: i am at a loss
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i am out of ideas, i got the new turbo on my 5s and it blow a lttle oil when i rev it up , and when connected it smokes when i let off the gas when revend higher, i just reddit my drain with 3/4 line and have a control valve on the inlet lien and it still leaks a little ,, the turbo has zero shaft playu what so ever and doesnt smoke when idleing only whe given a good amount of gas , whats is the problem could fit be that my drain is stillnot workig corecctly or what , or is the drain to low in the pan i didnt put the drain in so i t might be
did you use a 3sgte oil pan or the stock 5s one and drill your line into it.
something somewhere is either

A: applying pressure to your valve cover forcing oil into the compression chamber,


B: the center section on your turbo has a leak.

My vote is for the latter.
Your drain line should be mounted on the pan as high as possible. It work via gravity.
Im guessing you have a restrictor in the oil feed to make sure your oil pressure doesnt blow your seals out right?
yah its as high as possible and its resturcted via presure regukator and i cant go any lower safely
Well,,,, you could always run the return line to a vented catch can and THEN to the oil pan. That would Definitly clear up the problem if that is indeed the problem. It could be done for less than $100 and would look hella nice. wink.gif
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