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Full Version: 5sfe ST204 questions
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I just bought a 6g celica last night, a used ST204 w/ a 5spd. I am very happy with the exception of a few things. The steering of the car is extremely tight only going to one side, as I found out this car is a salvage and sustained damage to the front passenger fender. Is this problem correctable with just alignment and balancing, or could it be a more serious matter such as an axle problem or power steering problem? Another question I have concerns my engine, when decelerating the throttle is extremely jerky and makes a harsh rattling noise which can also be described as a rubbing noise.

Last but not least, how can I get the cruise control functions to work incase I do get lazy on long straight aways? In my old beemer its a wire, but I would think it would probably be an electrical function in this Toyota.

Let me know, and thanks for your help

AIM- jbcustom420
I have the same problem as u too. After I got the accident half years ago, the steering wheel always go somewhere which isn't control by myself.
So I just drive my car to my frd's home to check it, then he told me that the CV joints of my car was broken, so that's the problem, dude
and why did u buy a car that was in pos condition....
the guy I bought it from didnt tell me the VIN and also didnt tell me it was a salvage car.
Hope it was cheap - when decelerating is the throttle always jerky? or does it fix itself when the car warms up? May want to check this site:

Also, get the damage checked out, I believe celicas are unibody, so signifigant frame damage could compromise the integrity of the car
I am getting the car looked at tomorrow by a reliable mechanic, suspension right now doesnt worry me, as that I am on the road to upgrade wink.gif , however, what worries me is the status of the radiator, seals, clutch, and the tranny. I'll post some pics of my car so you guys can see how great the interior looks vs. the underhood. I got suckered into buying the car and got ripped off for a salvage in the end, its my first bought car no biggee i guess. I have many mods in mind to improve and hopefully surpass the handling and performance of the original car in mind.
hey jb well now that you have a celica and in so cal no less you will have friend like me that will help out whenever they can..... if you ever plan on a engine swap lemme know i have engine hookups as well as body kit hookup and can install them myself just look at my car ... granted its not painted but will be soon....
also there is a so cal celi meet coming up very soon(nov 13) we'd love to have another celi rollin

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