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Full Version: Knocking noise when engaging the clutch...
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I'm hearing a knocking noise whenever I engage the clutch. It only happens in 1st and 2nd gear. The noise happens as soon as I let the clutch pedal out just enough for the clutch to catch the flywheel and make the car begin to move. It doesn't happen so much if I rev to around 1500 rpm and let the clutch out like an 80 year old woman. Any clues as to what's going on in my tranny?
well if it happens when you engage the clutch its most likely a faulty torsion spring. thats gonna need replacing frown.gif
My car does the same thing since I redid my clutch. Something in my suspension creaks sometimes when I engage the clutch. (Not the normal celica pop) Its abnormal...I don't think it has anything to do with the clutch.
Wheres it coming from. If its under the engine bay it might be a motor mount problem.
It could be something in my suspension. I'm also hearing a creaking/squeaking noise when i'm rolling slowly. It's worse when i turn right and doesn't do it at all when i turn left.
mmm when i did a clutch job we had a problem with the clutch and flywheel... making a clunking noise in reverse. its still there but not as bad as it use to be. we asked around in the tranny shops, and they all say sometimes its inevitable with the celica... they all had a problem with the clutch, dont know why. oh well i've been driving it for about 3 months and the only problem well was. power steering belt needed replacement, and my o2 sensor came off in my exhaust, thats cuz i dont know why... but no problem since... oh and btw it might be a cv joint tongue.gif we also had a problem with that, specially if u didnt pack enough grease in there.
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