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Full Version: Tapping noise
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When my car is first started in the morning there is no noise, but after i drive it a while after its warm. It makes a sound mainly around 3k rpm. Sounds the same as a rocker tapping on a v8 engine. If I step on the gas it goes away and come back like 5200rpm. Also when the engine is warm, and I rev the engine you can hear it when the idel is comeing back down. Last night I pulled off my valve cover and checked my cams, they are tight. I just droped a new engine in it about a month ago. Stock one imported from japan. Suppose to have 25k miles on it. My old engine made the same sound. The only thing the same between the engines is my full intake and exhaust.

Thanks Ryan
check ur o2 sensor on the exhaust. that was my problem a while back, annnndd it might be a air intake rattlin on something.
I know its not my intake. How can I tell of the O2 sensors are bad? Are they cheep enough just to replace?
you may need a valve adjustment.
is there an easy way to tell if its needs a valve adjustment, i dont wanna pull off my head and leave it at the shop for a week for nothing or some ****, its my only car.
is the tapping increasing with rpm?
Yea it gets a little faster, and little louder as the RPM goes up. It almost sounds like its comming from my injectors /shrug

I just dont understand why 2 different heads 1 with 170k miles, 1 with 25k miles would make the same sound. That is why i dont think its my valves, but i have been wrong in the past heh.
Just pray to god its not rod it pretty audible or is it fairly quiet? Some engines have an audible tap coming from the valve trane.. the 22RE in most Tacomas have a really audible tick...I'm not quite sure what causes it but last time I check our engines don't have a very loud tick but if you listen closely it is there. I would try a valve adjustment and see if that does anything for you. Its pretty simple and you can do it in an afternoon.

pick up a BGB for the celica. then read the valve adjustment section. you basically need to pull the valve cover off and check valve clearance with a feeler gauge.
I am sure its not a rod, threw one in my last engine know what that sounds like heh. Also its to fast of a tick to be a rod. Its probly a valve, but i just dont under stand why 2 different engines would have the same tapping sound, and in both cases it dont happen when the engine is cold.

could it be that you hear your injectors tick? ticking noises also speed up as the car revs higher.
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