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Full Version: Wierd Fuel Leak
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Yesterday morning I started up my car and let it get warm. Was sitting for about 7-10 minutes, and when I pulled away I saw the puddle. Went over and smelt it...fuel. Checked under my car...and there it was...drip...two seconds...drip...two seconds. Coming from the middle of my car and also at the front. Middle puddle, 12in diameter, was bigger than front puddle, 6-8in diameter.

9:00am (damn traffic)
Drove it to school (approx. 8mi.) and it was still dripping, but slightly slower.

Leaving school. Checked under car, puddle didn't get that big from the last of the morning drips. Started car and rev'd her drip.

At work. Checked under car, no drip.

The rest of the day, and today. No drip.

For quite some time now my car has been running super rich, and always has a heavy smell of gas. Since the smell has been around for a while, I was wondering if the leak has been there this whole time, but finally made its way to dump on my driveway. I dunno.

Any thoughts?

info in profile.
Your injectors could be faulty... check those to see if they are leaking... has your car thrown any codes? (check engine light)
QUOTE (Anub1s @ Nov 5, 2004 - 11:09 AM)
Your injectors could be faulty... check those to see if they are leaking... has your car thrown any codes? (check engine light)

Yeah CEL has always been on with rich primary O2 reading, and bad MAP sensor. I'm getting a MAP sensor soon, and planning on having it tuned for the richness.

I have the Supra MKIV Nonturbo Injectors, you think this is overkill? Causing a problem?
gas cap?

my moms old car has that problem..

the gasline would heat up and gas will drip from the gas cap.
wuts up man, did u buy mikedodson's old celi.
Your injecters are overkill and did u check your fuel filter for leaking?
Yeah, I bought Mike's Celi. Freaking beautiful and I love it, but still needs a lot of work under the hood.

I haven't checked the filter or lines yet. I'm gonna to be installing a new turbo shortly and I'll have plenty of time to see wheres its coming from.

Should I consider swapping the injectors out for something lower than the MKIV Nonturbos?
I had the exact same problem, but I use to live in the northeast in the rust belt. I had a leaking gas tank, and then it would stop. Turned out that rust had eaten a hole into the tank, so it would leak until the gas tank would be below the level of the hole. In the end I had to replace the gas tank with a used one from a junkyark. Be careful, leaking gas isn't anything to be toying with.

Fuel Pump gasket and O ring on hose is bad and causing a leaks. Getting fixed tomorrow frown.gif
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