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Full Version: A/F Ratio Guage Install
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ok i tried the search button and with my connection its just too slow to find what I want. So anyways what I need is to know is how the hell i need to hook up my AF ratio guage confused.gif i bought it almost a year ago and i lost the install manual and theres 4 wires ..... red (Posative) , Black (Neg) , Green (???) and white ( i think it goes to the headlights so when u turn on the headlights the guage is back-lit), anyways im wondering just how to do this and what the green wire needs to connect to exactly, if anyone has any info it would be much appreciated, thanks.

green probably goes to the o2 sensor to detect the voltage that its giving out
hmmm yes but which wire comming out of the 02 sensor.....?
i posted about this awhile back i got mine installed fine. do you wanna tap into you ecu wire. it's the 16th pin on the top row of wires on yoir ecu and it's pink. you wanna splice that wire and tap it into there.

a/f gauge wiring
thanks, now which wire does the white wire connect too on the headlamp feed. i see the black and red, and the white and black wires but thats it.
i just connected mine on the illumination wire on the radio.
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