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Full Version: 9 more weeks
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guys, i've been getting alot of information and help from people in this forum, i'll really like to thank you all. but just want to know if i'll be really for the swap 9 weeks later, my budget's $5000(usd), not sure if it's enough, gonna order the clip from Venus Auto. here's the break down

Clip - $1500
Shipping to NYC - $878 ( i think it's really expensive, they said it includes a liftgate )
Labor - $1000 ( anyone here who could charge me cheaper than that i'll be more than happy to pay you )

balance now = $3378
remaining budget = $1622

what else would i need to get? i think i'll use the stock GT tranny for the time being, thought of getting a HKS SSQV BOV, Roo from bullet proof automotive was telling me that i'll need to get a FMIC, checked the price on EBAY that it's going around $300, how much would custom piping for the FMIC cost? i thought of getting the boost controller, and safc. please enlighten me wise ones.
My guess is your also going to end up paying extra for the wire harneesss crapola ... but also you'll want/need a new clutch with would be around $150 or so.. and then a nice tune up, witch would be around $300 .. plus replaces some bushings.. and FMI & piping would be around another $400 so thats already another $850
dont forget about the exhaust shop, and you KNOW you'll want a custom cat-back.
like he said about the tune-up, definately spark plugs, filters, and such
but also get the belts while you can.

if i were you i'd save up another $700ish and get the HKS lightweight flywheel wheel for while you are down there...actually if you plan for the e153 you'd save money by just waiting till you have the dough for that too...
but if you go that route, apparently you need more than just the tranny if you get the 93+ tranny.
Swaps never work out as planned. Better have a good sized chunk of change on the side because unknowns always pop up.
ok. here's how it is

$1622 budget deducting engine, shipping and labor
$100 for 3" straight piping for exhaust ( is that good enough? )
$100 for tune up ( new rotors, spark cables, NGK platinum sparks, oil change, oil filter,PCV, cone filter, etc) my uncle can do the tune up for me
$400 for FMIC and piping
clutch, my clutch's really new, just a couple months old, do i really have to change it?
i order a front clip, all the harness are uncut, i gotta get new ones?
new belts, how much do they normally go for with installation?
well if the clutch is new leave it for now.
say $150 for piping to be made
add $50-250 for muffler
new rotors should cost you $50-100 for the front only? dont knwo why you are changing them, but okay.
you don't HAVE to change the clutch, but a performance clutch always helps w/ power smile.gif

well, timing belt is the costly one, but other belts you cran prob grab for like $30...serpentine and....*blah*
oh.. i can get people to do the piping for $100
muffler, i think i'll still be able to use mine now?
rotor/ distributor... i forgot wat it's called.. the thing that links your spark cables to, not the brake rotors, i've already replaced them to cross drilled anyway.
i'll pay $100 for the timing belt. is that enough? $200 for all belts?
ok. now clutch will stay.
if that's the case, the total budget left will be $800. if that's all i have to change, i'll use the $800 to get me a SAFC, turbo timer, boost controller, gauges and gauge pods.
well unless you muffler now has a 3" inlet then it'll be a restrictor, otherwise you can use it
the Distributor is what you think it is smile.gif
Im not sure about timing belt costs, because i just had a 60K service done which covered everything
yah man, i've never done a swap, and just from reading everyones troubles over the past year, stuff always comes up....
QUOTE (Kwanza26 @ Nov 6, 2004 - 4:53 PM)
Swaps never work out as planned.  Better have a good sized chunk of change on the side because unknowns always pop up.

i agree!!!

take this advice from someone who has been through this before. dont buy any toys just yet!

use the money to give the engine a full tune up while its out. this includes ignition parts, gaskets, timing belt, waterpump, thermostat, clutch, pressure plate, etc.

then when all is said and done and you know you have a perfectly good, running car, start thinking of a fmic and exhasut.

after that you can mod it all you want.
I agree with lagos! Im doing mine now and if you want my advice get a ecu,all the belts gaskets, coilpack,resistor pack,plugs ,rotor,cap,wires,vacume hoses,fuel pump,new drive axcels to hold the power.
QUOTE (shin @ Nov 6, 2004 - 6:05 PM)
i'll pay $100 for the timing belt. is that enough?

I was charged $24 for one just three days ago from Napa Auto Parts. Said and done, just like that. Put it in the next day.

QUOTE (Hym3n @ Nov 7, 2004 - 7:50 AM)
QUOTE (shin @ Nov 6, 2004 - 6:05 PM)
i'll pay $100 for the timing belt. is that enough?

I was charged $24 for one just three days ago from Napa Auto Parts. Said and done, just like that. Put it in the next day.


I think his estimate is to have a shop do it..
Unless you know what you are doing, I would recommend to have a shop do the timing belt.. But if you do it yourself, you'll save some money at that.. Good luck with the swap.
isn't closer to you? that should save on shipping.
Dont forget replacing seals and worn out hoses. I can almost gaurentee that that extra $800 that you THINK you'll have will be gone... you'll probably have to dip into some other funds too. I know you dont think it could happen... but it will... IT WILL IT WILL IT WILL! I spent an extra 2k past my estimated swap cost. and that was with no labor charges. You can run the engine on the stock exhaust... your gas milage will be incredible. So don't worry about the exhaust just yet. And after you've driven it on the stock exhaust.. and you finally do get the full setup... you will be blown away at the difference!

P.S. How many miles on the clip? If it's 40k or more think about a valve adjustment also.
thanks alot guys.
alrite here's how it is.
belts need replacing -$100
ignition parts, gaskets, timing belt, waterpump, thermostat, pressure plate, etc. how much would this cost?
ecu,all the belts gaskets, coilpack,resistor pack,plugs ,rotor,cap,wires,vacume hoses,fuel pump,new drive axcels, i can't use the ECU that comes with the clip? new driving axels? hmm.. neccessary?
i guess i'll be giving the engine a through check up and replacing what needs replacing before swapping? i'll be getting the mechanic to check everything, replace all hoses and stuff.
why would you replace the ecu?
it's a computer...i mean you aren't planning to push 450right off the bat where a stond-alone really helps, would ya?

other than that, yes you can use the ECU, that's why everyone says to get the 1/2cut, because it comes with the ecu for sure.
driving axels, if i understand this right you can use the ones you have if you stick with the GT Tranny, but you will need the tranny that comes w/ the clip for the pressure plate, and something else...
so pretty much watever i need is already in the clip. it just need some minor parts replacements right? and you're right Consynx, i will be staying with the GT tranny, i'm pretty sure the pressure plate will be in the clip. correct me if i'm wrong this is how the listing goes now.

clip - $1500
shipping - $878
labor - $1000
tune up - $200
parts replacements ( cables, hoses etc. ) - $300
FMIC w/ piping - $400
exhaust piping - $100
new muffler - $ 200
TOTAL = $4578
balance left = $422
( all other mods like SAFC, boost controller, turbo timer, hks twin power ignition, HKS SSQV bov ) will be on halt.

btw.. would i still be able to keep my A/C after the swap?

Yes you can keep the ac. When you do the tune up (distributor cap, plugs, wires, hoses, belts, gaskets, etc.) it will cost you around $350. Dont forget to use all toyota parts... there's no other way to go... (ie. adding nology wires isn't going to do jack)

If you want I can write you a list of all the things I replaced in my motor before I put it in. You should also take pictures of the motor when you get it out of the clip and post it for us to look at. We can probably help you in diagnosing what needs replacing.
if you're able to give me the list Doge, that'll be great. and i'll definitely do just that. when i get the engine out and start swapping i'll take pics of the process and post for you guys to diagnose. biggrin.gif
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