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hey guys just giving an update on my car, still no engine, were waiting on the lawyer to see what he thinks about the whole situation.

it looks like my dad is going to go ahead and give me the money to do the swap and whatever we don't get back from the other company i'll pay him back, he also said he'll let some slide and let it count as my x-mas present so that will be cool and i'm asking everyone else tjust to give me cash.

anyways i'mhoping it will happen in the next 2 months

in the meantime i decided to do a little work and when i opened it up this weekend (after being closed and covered for about a month, i found out some rats had been making a home out of it, i found so much crap its not even funny. they had gotten so much stuff from everywhere it took me forever to find out where it all went. they even chewed 2 plugs off my engine harness(7afe) and were working on some more. anyways i cleaned it all up and took out all the seats and rear plastics so its pretty empty right now, i also wiped everything down so it doesn't look so bad, i'm posting some pics of before and after the clean up and one of the rats i found, one of em was only half there and all the insides were gone, if i had waited a few more days it would have been really bad, i actually already got out all of the smell.
anyways here are the pics

The mess
user posted image

user posted image

The rats
user posted image

What it looks like now
user posted image

i will get some more of the back all stripped down soon i'll put it on my cardoamin site
Man that is nasty.. But isnt it fun taking out all the panles an learning bout your car. I learned so much when i striped my bimmer down to nothing.. an had so much fun.. Maybe when i get more cash il do the same.
wow that bites
QUOTE (DamDirtyApes @ Nov 9, 2004 - 7:51 PM)
wow that bites

no pun intended?
dude ,good luck
Okay, wow.. that rat thing.. was disgusting.. ew..
haha there defintly a half eaten one in your floor board.
those look more like moles to me...but whats the deal with the 1/2 eaten one? Cannibals?
seriously wuts up with the one missing half its body?

either way good look.
they just wanted a lil bite of it the celi looked so good. but anyways that was some nasty stuff. i wonder where the got in from.
dude...... that half eaten rat's made nasty man..... ewww... was it decomposing then?
no they weren't decomposing they still looked soft not hard or anything, i can't figure out what ate half of that one, all i can guess is the other one got a little too hungry. i'm guessing they got in through the firewall where the harness goes through, but i really have no idea, but that is big enough.

and yeah it was pretty nasty, and i also found a pretty large snake about 5 feet away from the celi that same day

anyways thanks for all the support guys, i'll keep you guys updated
OMG that's horrible! =X The rats/moles I mean. Could placing moth balls around your car/in the engine bay help prevent that? I've heard that's what you should do even when storing your car for the winter.

Good luck with your car though!! smile.gif
get the little sheets that u put in the dryer for lint ... they are sheet dryer sheets i think. not sure on the exact name. put a coupel around ur car, 1 in enigne bay, 1 in trunk, 1 under each seat. that will keep mice away and im assuming rats to
eeeewwwwww!!! yucky!!!
f*ckin gross man...

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