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Full Version: downpipe
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allright i'm going to have a custom downpipe made this fri. any suggestions what i should get. 2.5....3.0" i'm leaning more towards the 3" but is that going to be too loud with 3" exhaust. for all you guys that have done the 5sfte swap what did you guys use for a downpipe?
i have a 2.5" sinse the rest of my exhaust is 2.5" all the way back. the down pipe i made custom. cut the stock elbow off so u just have a flange with a hole so u can weld to it. its easier to buy an after market dp. my car seemed to quiet down with a turbo even with a high flow cat and no res. so noise isnt that much of a concern
that;s a good idea just hack the stock flange off and use that.. good thinking. he'll prob just make one. do u have enough clearance with the oil filter then with the 2.5"
Depends on price and power outlook - the 2.5 will be plenty for anything a stock motor can dish out if ur looking above 250whp u'll want 3''.
allright sweet deal...i wish i could have that much but for now i think a 2.5 will work. what do you guys think about full exhaust 2.5...3.0 if i go with a 2.5" downpipe i might as well stick to 2.5" right.
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