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Full Version: level ten shifter
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ummmx2 this like an actual shifter that you shift with like a manual..or is this more of a button controlled thing. the way its described it sounds like a shifter, but i dont know. has nebody installed this? was there a big difference over stock?
It looks like it just controls the tranny computer and tells it when to shift. Probably a button or lever type thing
its a tiptronic shifter like on BMWs.

You have to shift thru the gears and im assuming you can also just put it in Drive.
For $500+, i'll put on a underdrive pully and a super afc

There are better things to do with your money.
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i wish they showed pictures..
well i need some auto tranny mods..leanin more towards a torque convertor tho
what other mods do you have???
intake//exhaust..seriously lookin into 5sfte..since im considering that route..thinkin about something to salvage power loss through the transmission as well.
hey, do it. You'd be the first.
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