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Full Version: Question about headgasket replacement
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When you have your headgasket replaced, do the valves get adjusted in the process? Also, what else should i have done at this point since the engine will be opened up? Should I have valve seals replaced (mileage is 126,000) or anything else you guys can think of? Any ideas on what some of this stuff costs besides the headgasket replacement itself?
Buy a headgasket kit, and replace everything it comes with.
What all comes in such a kit?
Not positive about everything, theres alot of stuff... when i did it on my old car i got the headgasket itself, intake and ehaust mani gasket, valve seals, a gasket for part of the egr system, valve cover seal, throttle body gasket, cam seals, and a bunch of other stuff. Youre probably going to need to replace the head bolts as well. I paid 80 for the headgasket set, and im guessing it would cost about the same for the 5s, minus the bolts. It takes a while to go through and replace everything, but if you do it right, it definatly beats paying 800 dollars or more to have it done for you.
Head gasket kit comes with, intake manifold, exhaust manifold, one exhaust gasket (i needed two), valve cover gasket, head gasket, grommets for the spark plug wells, valve seals, water return housing (i don't know exactly what it was called), cam seal, timing belt cover gaskets, throttle body gasket.

All of that stuff you will have to take apart or disconnect to take the head off. If you want to do the valve seals (good idea) you will have to disassemble the head it self, need one of those c-clamp. Can be a pain in the ass to reassemble and get all of keepers back in the retainers, i've always had machine shops put it back together for me.

Other things to look around for while you have it apart would be fuel filter, water pump, replace the belts, injector o-rings (supposed to replace if you remove them but its not a big deal if they are in good shape), there are a few hoses that connect to that water return housing that are a pain to get to with the engine together. That's all I can think of right now.
sounds like id rather pay the grand to have it done for me, no joke. I dont think im mechanically inclined enough to pull it off...
Buy a manual, like the BGB, or even chiltons, and it will go through it step by step. If you have access to a torque wrench, a good set of tools, and have the time/secondary car, then you can do this. Just make sure to take your time and label EVERYTHING. It sounds like alot, and it will take alot of time, but it is a very straight froward project.

EDIT: Make sure you know why the gasket blew, and fix it so it doesnt happen again. Many times it is because of a warped head. If you do it yourself you can take it to a machine shop and they can plane it for you if it needs it.
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