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Full Version: IS it worth buying a 3sgte $750
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Hi!! people..i just wanna get some answer from you guys out their., Is it worth buying a 3sgte for $750 with 70,000 miles ????complete swap. like afm.harness. ecu.and so on... but doesnt come with the tranny ( no tranny) it worth buying? the engine is from a friend of mine trying to selling his mr2 turbo parts... engine runs great..... so IS it better off buying a front clip ..or a complete mr2 turbo engine with (no tranny) .and later down the road buy a turbo tranny...and other parts to swap in my celica? or just complete front clip? let me know..thank you all for those who tryes to help
is the harness uncut? if it comes with accessories it sounds good. Thething is, with the front clip it comes with everything possibly needed. People suggest that it is better to get a front clip b/c it comes with everything.

What I remember from reading the posts about it

yeah id say never cut corners on a swap cuz itll get you in the end i promise. Go with the clip just to b safe b/c its pritty hard to find those extra parts. Not too hard but time consuming
I would say thats a pretty good deal. I sell complete USDM swaps for 800-1200 complete. I would buy without tranny anyways and get a LSD.
the problem with that is gonna be the mr2 harness..and the mr2 acsessories or mounted in diffrent'd be better off with a celica clip
yeah it does comes all the harness and wireing....thanks for your help... so you guys thinks its a great deal at the price for a complete swap.with no tranny.....??
dunno gotta wiegh ur options its all there just gotta figure out how u wanna do it. just two diff ways thats all
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