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Full Version: 7afe Port & Polish head and intake Mainfold
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Hey..i gota another question...since i have a 7afe head and a intake Mainfold laying around... would it make any difference if i did a rebuilt on the head including a Port & Polish and 3 angle valve jobs.. with obx chain gear and porting the stock 7afe intake Mainfold ....would it make some increase in HP??? ....thanks
Will it help you make more HP....yes but not a whole lot.

Would it be worth all the money you spend....prolly not.
but all this work can set you up for some awesome boost.

if you have it lying around, go a head and p&p it. it would be fun and you get some experience from it.
in N/A form you probably only get a few 1-4 horse in boosted form could be good for 5-10
so it would be much of a gain in N/A..but a little increase.....only.......well i'll give it a try.and have fun with it...and i'll try to have a dyno sheet with the port ...when the head is done.. and .aslo how much would cost?? some tips might help..
for a 3angle valve job... $100+ five angle is more than that. Port and polish... done right... $300ish???
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