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Full Version: Running engine Temp for the 5sfe?
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Just like the topic says? Anyone know what it is?

Also has anyone tried the RedLines Coolent for the Radiator which says it will drop the temp for up to 20 degrees? I bought it the other day, haven't put it in yet. Just wondering if anyone tried it?
its a bad idea to drop your engine temp. your engine was made to run at the temp it runs at, and it will have a bad affect on performance to drop the temperture that much.
agreed it will make your engine run different and you probably wont have any heat.
hmm interesting, i was always under the impression that the cooler the engine runs, the better performance you gain. i mean obviusly not as cold as when you start it up.

so what is the Running Temp for the 5sfe?
I think its around 180-185 or so but I'm not certain.
20degree's thats iffy they all do about the same weather it be plastic or metal, if it is running cooler I would get a Thermostat that opens at a lower temp and should balance it all out. Good Ideer going with the metal tho, plastics ones can build under high pressure.
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