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Full Version: Water Cooled/ Oil COoled Turbo
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Well ive been looking for a turbo setup and im about to recieve a water-cooled setup but im not firmiliar with the setup of these? are they as good as oil cooled or no? And whats the major setup difference between oil and water cooled?
to make this as simple as possible for you to understand.
the water cooled turbo's use the antifreeze of an engine to cool the turbo down a little more while the oil is not really used to cool the turbo but to lubricate the moving parts inside. floating bearing setup!!!!
oil cooled is really just a term used to describe the turbo setup.
the water in an engine is cooler than the oil and therefore cools the turbo more than the oil would by itself.
get it???
hope that helps,
so is it basically the same setup with oil return lines and stuff but has extra lines for cooling the turbo with the antifreeze? how much more work is that to hook up the antifreeze lines or is it pretty simple?
easy just tap either into the coolant line going to the throttle body or you can tap your heater hose line.
When I had turbocharging plans I was going to run an independent turbo water system. Done properly it would Significantly lower the turbo's temperature.
thanks for the help, anyone have pics??? i believe ill be able to do this pretty easilly but just for reference pics would be nice.....
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