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Full Version: 5sfte at 0 - psi.
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haha as the title states i was bringing my celica to the garage for winter storage and im rompin on it before i tear down the motor over the winter. it went like this spooled to 13psi. then just drops. im like eh nothing big a pipe musta popped off. but then i popped the hood an nothing is wrong. w/e point is the single entry ct26 from a supra sucks at high boost, fact. the rod that connects the compresser wheel to the exhuast one is snapped. booo. well its about time. the turbo i got for 75 bucks smile.gif so no great lose. i think ill go with a t3/t4 by spring and get rid of the horrid lag of the big ct26. so its a blessing.

anyone wanna learn me sum ct20b stuff?
ah that bites
at least the motor is still good. back to N/A for you ! haha smile.gif
No way man, Itchy's not gonna go back to NA; he's just gonna slap a bigger turbo on there smile.gif
LOL keep boostin it that thing blows right??


Good luck itchy!
That is EXACTLY what happened to my first t3 turbo. How uncanny =p
that sucks! but glad to hear that its not something more serious. I was afraid that it would be when i read the title.
haha yeah i did that so people read it. i know people wanna laugh and say i told u so. but not yet. sumday lol. yeab but def getting a better turbo. there not cheap either frown.gif 500 bucks. i payed 75 bucks lol. im so poor. anybody know anybody who wants to sell me a good turbo.
lemme know if you want me to make you one out of play-dough....
QUOTE(celicarocker @ Nov 21, 2004 - 11:54 PM)
lemme know if you want me to make you one out of play-dough....

sweet then ill have a playdo turbo and a legos msd boost timing master. AWESOME. can u make me sumthing with macoroni?
Go to a junk yard, then pull one out for like $40 bucks, then get it re-built for $200 .. thats what i was told is the best bet for a good price.
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