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Full Version: Air Intake
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Hey, just wondering what the best air intake is. Don't really want a cold air since it would easily flood every time it rains here. Some genius decided to make many of the intersections in the town like small ditches on many of the side streets. I'm looking for performance, looks, and a good price. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

K&N cone filter
Injen makes a nice Short Ram air intake for our cars. check it out.

Click here for a dealer page


I make a shortram identical to the injen, for less than half the price, so if your interested just let me know.
Back a while there was a chart showing that short ram/hot air intake saw the same gains as hi flow filters for the stock filter box. I think there was even a dyno sheet or something.

of course the dyno's can measure HP from chrome and stickers ; )
does injen short ram fit the non GT celica also?
what would you sugest for the non GT?
for my ST I used a short ram made for a 92-95 civic. Works great, pics in profile
yes pipe is pipe no mater the kinda car you have. I used cai piping for an accord for my cold air.

The good thing about this is that because there are so many out there (thanks to the honda craze) you can pick up piping for under 30 bucks on ebay.
what about K&N 57i Induction kit. anyone used it? recomends it?
I bought a shorty intake from 95celgt and I like it alot...much cheaper than an Injen or Weapon-R or anything like that. Much better throttle response and engine sounds good as opposed to a restrictive airbox.

I had to modify mine to make it fit right anyway, but with any other intake you buy for another car it'll involve the same thing and wont be as nice looking or well-fitting.
Awesome that helps out a lot. I may have to make my own now that I have heard about it. Where can you get the piping and where can you have it bent? Thanks for the info.
QUOTE(Shodog1054 @ Nov 30, 2004 - 10:25 PM)
Awesome that helps out a lot.  I may have to make my own now that I have heard about it.  Where can you get the piping and where can you have it bent?  Thanks for the info.

you can buy your piping pre-bent from its called Mandrel Bent Piping, it doesn't get any better then that.

I had the Apexi on my car and I thought it worked great. I later boxed it in and put a ram air that runs through the old stock airbox hole and two the front bumper. It's set up is alot like 95celgt's, exept it goes to opening in the bumper and theres a boxed in filter before the battery. That was some awsome power gains at higher rpms. I lost a little on take off, but it was more than worth it. I got the parts from Lowes. Water piping and sewer hoses, and some custom cut pieces. It looks a little ghetto, but I'm working on that now. Make it work, then make it look good.
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