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Full Version: Help with the 3stge swap
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I am wondering about the 3stge enigne swap for my 94 celica gt with 170 000 miles on it. My car is just too slow. I want to put the 3stge enigine in my car. I found the 3s engine on and it is $1600 shipped to my house. It says it comes with the engine, turbo, intercooler and ecu. What else do i need for the swap? And i have heard about a lot of trouble when it come to the wiring harnesss. Is this true? Where could i send my old harness and a new one to get them done so i dont have to deal with them. And also is this engine a good deal or is there somewhere else i can get a better deal or anything. So if anyone could give me some help it would be greatly appriciated .

i jsut looked at and which one of the 3stge enignes is best to get there is like a st205 ,or the st185. The engine i found on said the engine has 255 hp and these other ones ay only 245 and 225 hp?? i dont know what to do
first, you should look up with the search function before asking, you'll get flamed.. and this is the advice lotsa members here gave me, GET THE CLIP. you wouldn't regret it. i'm getting mine from Venus Auto too. the clip's got everything you need, for example the wiring harness, ecu etc.... and for generation for the engine, the 245hp engine's the 3rd generation's 3SGTE which is for the ST205 and the 225hp is the 2nd generation's 3SGTE which is for the ST185. all the information you're asking about is available in the forum. you just gotta search for it. biggrin.gif
Everything you need to know has already been covered in these forums 10 times over.. just search and you'll be happy.
most people beckon not to go for the ST205 engine because of how hard it would be to get new parts for it, blah blah...
Since you probably dont have a GT4 front end conversion, the Top Mount Intercooler might not fit., so FMIC is en route, or a conversion tongue.gif

anything else can be found in the search, im like 90% sure
i found a complete clip of the st185 at for like 1400 without shipping. This seems to cheap. Does anyone know about this company. Would that be a good way to go. And i still dont know what i would do with the wiring harness?
haha... it all depends on milage, where it came from, leakdown and compression tests, warrenties, etc. etc.

once again... all this info is available to you... you just gotta want it.... you gotta SEARCH for it biggrin.gif
Wow I checked out that site and they have quite a few 3s clips... Even an ST165 clip for $950.
I have herd that flashoptions rips you off, people have sent there money and recieve nothing, they arent even based in the U.S.
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