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Full Version: Yep ANOTHER ebay muffler question
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Ok, ive checked out like every muffler/exhaust link in this place and ive found that the best sized muffler is 2.5 inch for our cars.

now the only problem i have is wandering if all u guys mean a 2.5 inlet or outlet.
Coz i was thinking of getting this

It has a 2.5inch in let with a 4inch tip and adjustable silencer.

Wut do u all think, doz tip size matter, or is it just inlet size?
you should try HKS or apexi !
i would love a N1 Apexi but they cost like 500 bucks, all i want to realy know is whether or not tip size matters?
dont do that one its to ricey. get a nice clean one.
Im trying to stay away from rice, but im pretty sure ill end up getting something similar coz i think the stock muffler looks too small.

go to and check out some of the mufflers there...they have some for a lot cheaper than $500, and they are brand friend got a apc muffler from there a little while back for $50, and despite their bad sounds pretty good
Yeah I personaly hate bomb exhaust. That says rice right there to me. get a nice muffler then put a nice lil tip on there. My buddy got a magnaflow from for like $35 and put it on himself. its only a saturn, but it sounds damn nice.
k guys, not getting a ricey ebay muffler anymore
To answer your inlet/outlet question, in a NA car, a certain level of backpressure needs to exist to draw fuel in for performance. If you have too much, then you will lose power; if lack of, then you'll have power loss also. If your car has a forced induction system, then you wouldn't want backpressure at all. I hope that helps with the whole size things. smile.gif
I am a welder fitter and I build exhaust systems for gm,honda and crystler.The best for your na is a 2.5" if you plan on doing more mods in the future.You will notice some loss of torque down low but you will notice high rpm.What you want is a apexi or a hks dragger.If you cant afford them get a knock off of them on ebay just make sure that it has a 2.5" inlet and dont go bigger that 4" out.The best is apexi N1 there are some good knok offs on ebay!
i got a 2.5" custom cat back with magnaflow series II (i think i dont remember) i think it sounds pretty good... IMO
get a fat one like mine.. hahaha (pic on my profile)
Cannons are bad...they just scream rice. Like doug said, good muffler, and a good tip.
celicaspeed, thatks for awnsering my original question, im still on the look out for anything realy, but at least i know wut to look for now.

umm not to hijak the post but, how bad would it be to get the custom 2.5 exaust and then wait while lookin for a muffler? just have that end part bare 0.o
QUOTE(importceli @ Nov 29, 2004 - 5:30 AM)
umm not to hijak the post but, how bad would it be to get the custom 2.5 exaust and then wait while lookin for a muffler? just have that end part bare 0.o

lol, that'd be very very bad. You would have way to little backpressure. Once, just for ****s and giggles, I actually disconnected my exhaust from the cat back to see what would happen. Although it was absoutley ungodly loud, it had no power below 4000rpms, and even above that the power increase was barely noticable. So with 2.5 in. exhaust I definatley wouldn't recommend leaving it bare.
ok i c
I thought i posted this yesterday... I have a dual canister design muffler with dual 4.5 inch tips. It looks great, and has a really low grumble at idle. When you get on it, it sounds Really mean. Dual canisters sound nothing like rice. My advice is to go that route.

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