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Full Version: is this normal shifting?
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in my auto st, the redline is ~ 5900rpm. when the engine temp is normal, it shifts at about 5700rpm at wot. is this normal?
Yup. Automatic transmissions rarely ever shift at redline stock. Unless you broke your TCM or something, or modified it..
Edit: Forgot to post this.. Don't feel bad.. Some cars are made to shift 1k rpm before the redline.. Like my parents minivan.
5800 is actually a good place to shift for our cars. You really don't need to go past that unless you are turbo or have some hefty mods. You may be losing out a little bit on your 5700 but not a whole lot. If I were you I would do a manual swap.
I've noticed this too on other cars i've had, I wonder if at wide open throttle that the injectors are able to spit the gas out quick enough to build power. Like there is too much air coming in for the amount of gas it's able to put out. I don't know,just a thought.
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