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Full Version: New to 6gc got a question
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Hi my name is Tom i am new to and i got a 94 ST hatch. I was wondering where i could find an exhaust system for it, i cant seem to find any. thanks for any help. just to let you know i got the 7afe engine.
hey welcome to the site. As far as I know, no-one specificly makes one for the st. Your best bet would be go to a shop and say you want a custom exhaust. buy a new muffler and cat, and if you want. you can get corrola headers.
Best bet is to find a muffler you like, i.e. magnaflow, and have an exhaust shop do the piping for you. Something like 2.25-2.5" should work. I can't recall what it is stock, but if you aren't doing any forced induction in the near future, I would stay below 2.5"
Alright thats cool, probably gonna do something liek that soon. Its either 3s swap or just play around with the 7a. Seeing as how i have minimal $$$ right now its leaning towards the 7a.
They other guys are right 2.5" fo a NA car and go with a custom sut up and it will be alot cheaper and you get exactly what you want.Welcome to the site!! biggrin.gif
So with the exhaust shop making my exhaust i can choose whatever muffler i want correct?
Yes.. But you shouldn't get anything with 3" - 15" outlet.. Just a thought. smile.gif
you also want to consider buying a greddy sp exsuast but they dont make them anymore so you would prabably have to look for a used one.
How about the Universal HKS muffler, Good Sound, im going kinda for the pretty loud exhaust cause i dont like my nieghbors. Any help on a quick buy for loud but still decent exhaust is appreciated.
Go on ebay and they have apexi N1 and HKS knock offs and they sound great and they are cheep.Just make shure you get a high flow resonater and the sound will be a lower sound rather than a fart can like the ricers have!
got a stupid question. Why are the prices for these mufflers on ebay so cheap, i kno they are knock offs but still.... $20 and under, some as low as $3?
People buy them.I got a apexi N1 knock off and the matereial is great and the price you cant beat.I guess that they sell them quite often so they can sell them this cheap and because they buy so many at one time that they still make money on them for that price.
Sweet deal, thanks for the info very appreciated
no problem biggrin.gif
if you want to go high class, you can get a Veilside muffler from for under $300. Just trying to give you the other side of the spectrum.

And don't listen to the 3" or less guys. I have dual 4.5's. wink.gif
yeah i just recently got a 200 dolla custom cat-back exhaust, with high flow resonator. also got the magnaflow series II muffler for 100... i think it sounds pretty good.
yes, neways thanks for the help, this is the muffler i purchased,LINK
Im gonna get my pipes ready while its being shipped.:-D
looks sweet, i might go that or the series II muffler i unno tho, i dont want somethin loud and ricey, i want a low rumble and it sounds like the magna is the way to go
I think thats a perfect muffler.I have the same one.
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