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sooo i gotta 4agze in my garage to add to my collection, now what??? i gotta bluetop 4age, aw11 4agze, 3sgte... Those of you that know me know that i gotta ae86 in my garage thats gutless and a 3sgte in my celica.... heres my dilemma now do i build my extra 3sgte for racing for my celica. use the bluetop for spare parts, and 4agze for a ae86 or waht???? give me input

my input:

stop wasting money on extra motors. put the 4agze in the ae86, get the celica up and running, use ur other 3s for parts if something isnt working right then sell your extra motors for money. Then use that money to put into your ae86 to make it a track/drift machine with some tein flex coilovers and some stiffening. Maybe spot weld your ae throughout teh whole car, that will keep flex down on the body and frame, and make it stronger.
ae86-its already weilded needs and engine
st204 is running great...

ummm thinking quick

PAINT YOUR CAR and get rims
i vote for make the ae86 a rad drift car with the 4agze or just a straight up sleeper.
hmm lets see here i can make a list:

Paint with some shade of Red
16in. Rims, i believe stockers are 14 so dont go past 2inches bigger for drift/track
Headlight conversion(the 2 circle lights that pop up about 4 inches instead of the box light)
Tein Coilover Kit with EDFC and pillowball mounts
Blitz/Cusco supercharger pulley:12-15psi
short shifter
racing seats
racing harness
6 or 8 point cage with video camera holder(so we can watch the vids you are going to make)

thats all i can think of right now
4agze in rolla, but put the blue top cams in it.
was the 3s pulled out of a st165-185 or a sw20?
the one in my car and the extra are both sw20's

put the 3s in the rolla with the 2jz-gte tranny (i think it bolts up). i glanced at a post on club4ag where some guy did a 3s swap into his hachi.
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