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Full Version: Cold start problems
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Living in Canada, it's becoming a bit colder day by day. I've noticed my wife's 95 GTS has a hard time achieving proper idle in the morning and dies. Usually I go out to warm up the car(remote starter still not finished,lol) in the morning. I turn the key, it turns over, the rpms reach about 500 and it dies fairly quick. The only way to get it going is by starting it quickly and holding the gas pedal for about a minute, rev it at about 1000rpm to get it to a proper temperature. What could it be? Fuel filter? The car has 124000km on it. She also claims it shut off on the highway and then picked up again. Don't know about that.
Just to add, there might be an exhaust leak, but I don't think that's it, but the car sure is loud. Are these cars loud by nature? Not even my Alltrac sounds like that with no cats.

Any help would be appreciated

I'm not an expert man but when I had my s10 it did stuff like that, it was the fuel filter on that car. try getting some injector cleaner and running it through a tank of gas? It might not have anything to do with the temperature if it shut off while she was driving....of course women seem to over exagerate(sp) some times.


i have the same problem having gotten around to fixing it cause all i do is rev the car as soon as i start it to around 4k and then she holds just fine and warms up really quick.. .. but yea it might be the fuel fliter..or one of the sensores... i really should go check that out soon ...
i dont know much about engines but i had one of my dad's repair guys check mine out cuz i have that problem every morning.. wut i do (which is probably bad) is just rev up to about 4000 then slowly let go of the gas and it seems to stablize.. i think it has to do with the idle controls.. i forgot wut the part is called but my dad's friend said that that might be the problem. *shrugs*
Thanks guys, I think it's the fuel filter, I'll start with that, probably needs changing anyway. Another question about the timing belt. Is it as hard as my Alltrac? Do you have to drop one side of the engine to get to it?

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