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Full Version: I'm Not Getting Fuel
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So we cut a lot of wires to take off my dash on my purple Celi. I just hardwired up ignition power and a starter switch, and the car will crank, but it won't start.

I pulled a plug and I'm not smelling fuel when I crank the engine.

I'm wondering where the fuel pump relay is located. Also, is the fuel pump always on when the ignition is switched to on?
The fuel pump usually only has 2 main wires. Ground and power. I believe the Celicas fuel pump power wire is blue with a black stripe and runs from the pump to the ignition fuses. It's all tied up in there somewhere, between the fuse box, the juctions between the dash and body harnesses, and the EFI relays. Normally speaking with Toyotas... the fuel pump does turn on with the key in the on position, but I believe they only pump if the vapor pressure is low (there is a sensor on newer cars). If you're gonna try to just power it... look for the blue wire with a black stripe. It'll come from the actual pump and probably end up with the connectors of the body harness, where it juctions with the dash harness. The ground should still be good, assuming that wasn't touched. If you do bypass and power up the pump... put it on a switch or run it to a fuse that only turns on with the key... ;]
I found the blue wire with a black stripe. It is indeed cut and so I'll wire that to my custom ignition switch so it turns on with the ignition. The ground(white with a black stripe) is still in good shape by the way.

There are three other wires though. A 14 or 16 gauge brown wire, and a yellow/red and yellow/blue wire, both of which are like 20 gauge. Do you know what these do and if they're necessary? Are they for the fuel gauge?
I just went out and hooked up the blue/black wire to my ignition switch, and I could hear the pump turn on, but the car still just sits and cranks and doesn't start.
I'll have to get back to you on those wires... not sure what they are. As for the starting problem... the next thing I'd check for is spark. When the car cranks... does the tach move at all? Usually if the tach pulses when the car cranks... that means there is spark. If not... do a spark test under the hood. Typically speaking, so long as you have spark and fuel, and the engine cranks... it should fire and at the very least, try to run...
I'll test for spark tonight. Just to be sure Kwanza, could I pull a plug and place the side of it against the head and see if it fires? Is that a good way to test for spark?
Generally thats the way, I wouldnt hold it just make sure its grounded on the block.
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