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Full Version: Something is draining my battery
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Well this is the 2nd time it's happened. Completely stock, nothing has ever been changed. Dash has never been messed with. My battery's power was just suddenly sapped away. I get no crank and it makes a weird sound whenever I turn the lights on or crank it.

Any suggestions? I get lights on the dash and the dome light is very very dim. My radio doesnt even turn on and my headlights/parking lights dont turn on. But you can clearly see my climate controls and the air conditioning works. I cant roll down the windows..

Any help is appreciated

This is also my 2nd battery, not even a month old
your alternator is more than likely bad.
QUOTE(presure2 @ Feb 27, 2005 - 2:11 AM)
your alternator is more than likely bad.

bah, that sounds bad. Big fix? or some minor thing, cost range for a 7AFE, if it matters...and where should I take it? Toyota dealer or could somewhere like adv. auto parts do it?
aiight you can do the alternator your self, takes about an hour and a half maybe two tops.

just go to auto zone or pep boys and they have like remanufactered ones taht you trade yours in after your done and get like 50 or 75 bucks back.

thats what i did, they are basicly the same as getting a new one but cost around 150 bucks then you get your 50 back so you spend 100 total.
Go to the Junk yard and get one for $15. 5th gen one is the same I think. If you have a impact wrench you can pull the alt and replace it in 15 minutes tops.
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