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Full Version: VVT-I controller
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Coomer you know how exactly it works?
nice.. i think thats just like a Vtec controler.. where the 2nd loped are in use when ever the conrtoler is active so u can get max tq and hp at lower rpms ... makes from some really nice lunches..
QUOTE(Coomer @ Mar 1, 2005 - 7:10 AM) you know how exactly it works?

confused.gif cwm13.gif rolleyes.gif
VVTi isn't something the average tuner can tune properly. It is self adjusting for the best torque curve, so to better the computer is a tough task. The only way tuning VVTi would be beneficial, is if the engine is heavily modded and VVTi works as a limiting factor. This would however require very significant modifications, because VVTi can adjust cam timing +-50 degrees or so...

Nice idea... but it's not like VTEC. VVTi doesn't work like VTEC...
i have to get it.. it gives you a keychain holder and 2 stickers!!

QUOTE(Hanyo @ Mar 1, 2005 - 5:35 PM)
i have to get it..  it gives you a keychain holder and 2 stickers!!

xa xa xa xa xa xa xa biggrin.gif nice! wink.gif
lol! I wasn't looking at first and through those were part of a wiring harness
well, I can't read it but I will take a stab at it. wink.gif

Maybe if you swaped in a 2zz or something... we all know the wiring would kill So, you go with a megasquirt and this thing to control the VVTi

Close? Ideas? lol...
I should have tried harder in my japanese class, or taken a 2nd year.
well first of all that page doesn't say a damn thing. its just a promo that you get the keychain and stickers with the controller wink.gif

heres the actual page:

now if only my kanji reading skills were better .. lol
From what i can semi translate, and i mean semi, i think it has something to do with changing the point at which the vtec system actually kicks in rpm wise. However i doubted this for a while because i was under the impression that vvti was always on?

pehaps it has more to do with airflow and fuel mixtures when the variable valve timeing stuff happens?

Ok ill shut up now lol
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