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Full Version: For those how have done 3sgte swaps
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Ok I had planned on getting the c-one hood and running the stock TMIC with my 2nd gen 3sgte swap for a little while. But it looks like it will be a little bit until I can get my hood because everyone seems to be out of them. If I run the TMIC with my stock hood will it do any damage to the engine, or will I just have really bad heat soak?
i ran the stock top mount for about a week.

its about the wost thing toyota designed and does an horrible job cooling intake temps. i would look into doing a fmic or a water to air IC. just getting a hood scoop will work, but isisnt the best way to do it.
the TMIC from the 2nd gen isnt designed to work with the 6th gen vent. its supossed to have cool air forced over it by the hoodscoop on the alltrac. the vent on the 6th gen hood is to let hot air escape
i wouldnt run it on there for long, like lagos said, your intake temps are gonna go up quick.
Ok, so I got a FMIC and now I need to get piping, its 28x6x3, 28 being the full length Its 22 or 23 is the intercooler.

Lagos I already asked, but do any of you guys remember how much of what pipes you needed?
its not called an interwarmer for nothing.
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