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Full Version: Problem need you help solving?
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I jumped a car at the local costco for a couple who's battery was dead. Instead of listening to me the guy connected the negative on my car to his negative instead of the ground of his vehicle. Yesterday and today when I turn the key to start, I hear a clicking sound and nothing, do it twice and nothing, the third time it immediately starts without any trouble turning over. Never had this problem in the 5 years I've owned the car. Battery is about 3 years old from Toyota.

Any ideas? Alternator/battery/fuse?
check your terminals for corrosion. im having the same problem right now... bought some terminal cleaners and a new negative connector.
Whats the problem with connecting neg to neg?? Thats what i always do..its just the same as any other ground.
QUOTE(bufferdan @ Mar 7, 2005 - 7:59 PM)
Whats the problem with connecting neg to neg??  Thats what i always do..its just the same as any other ground.

I agree, its just an old myth. The negative line is connected to your chassis, so is there really a difference? no
you prolly loosend the terminals tighten them up and you should be fine

haha I cant type today
uhh.there is no problem at all.. u ARE suppose to connect negative to negative, positive to positive-as simple as that..

as far as your clicking sound, its your STARTER..its of these days it will not start at all...
It could be your battery just coincedence that it happened now. 3 years old its time to get it checked out.
The real reason you want to connect to a ground other than at the battery is to avoid any spark potentially causing the battery to explode, especially if the dead battery is half frozen. the acid fumes are highly flammable, not really too much of a worry now with the sealed batteries, but good to not take chances, battery acid can permanently blind you. (not to mention eating your car )
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