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Full Version: Dual Exhaust
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I've been readin a lot about dual exhaust set-ups and the overall opinion is negative. Now it's my understanding that most MR-2's have a dual exhaust set-up on them. Also, I've been reading a lot about headers and I realize that the Celica 5s-fe engine sit different from the MR-2 5s-fe engine, but they are overall the same engine. My question would have to be, if you put a MR-2 header on then customized it to fit to a MR-2 dual exhaust set-up, would that not work? Obviously the header would point to the ground, as so many have put it, but with a little moding, couldn't you hook it up so that it would still look and sound good?
The dif is, mr2 is a mid engine compared toa front engine. its not going to make a di. If you want a dual exhaust for any 4 banger its notgoing to be anything but for looks. unless its a turbo. Sooo.. just get a dual exhaust for your car. dont swap headers or anything.
The MR2 exhaust wont fit, its not true dual exhaust. Its a single header thats got a Y pipe.

Theres no reason to do it it doesnt provide more power for single header cars.
Only reason I can seeing going to dual exhuast is a turbo application or quiteing down your engine, On my RX7 im going with dual pipes after a 3" exhuast, but they are side by side just to quite it down.

Actually, the only reason I was interested in a dual exhaust set-up is for the looks. The body kit I want to get has two spots for exhaust and it just doesn't really look right with only one pipe coming out. I don't really care if they both spew out exhaust, or if only one is hooked up, but I at least want the second pipe to run to the first pipe so that it looks real, even if it's not. And in this po-dunk town I live in, I doubt anyone would even notice if there was no exhaust coming out, it's mainly just for show. Most of the people in this town who want the dual exhaust look on their car buy a tip and hang it on their car to make it look like it's real, and that's just retarded. Anyway, just to make sure, if I was to add a Y-pipe and another exhaust set-up coming off that, would it be an actual dual exhaust? Cause, I'm not really going for performance or sound, it's more for looks. Eventually, I do want to turbo my engine, but that's a future plan for now.
yeah a Y-pipe would do the trick your gonna have alot more flow out of one then the other, and coomer has mentioned when he has his in the morning id look stupid because one would hardley flow.

Supersprynt- its not a Y-pipe, header into cat, piping (sinuglar) into a big muffler with 2 exits.

What kind of rear bumper are you thinking about?
I found a cool rear bumper that looks real cool with dual exhaust
user posted image
I was trying to decide between that one and the Pakfeifer. I like them both, which makes sense since they both look almost the same, but I think I'm probably gonna go with the Pakfeifer one since they also make the side skirts I want and it'd just be easier to order both at the same time.
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