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Full Version: So what now?
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I've got the an Injen Intake, and Greddy SP Exhaust, and I'm running a 97 convertible GT, 5s-fe. But I'm unsure of where to head next, what ideas do you have?

try going there

check out all the parts that are available for your car

i would say s-afc and new ignition, plugs, wires, etc.

or save your money and get an engine.
Hmm is it just me or did that list get a lot shorter recently?
QUOTE (HyperDeathKill @ May 5, 2003 - 5:31 PM)
Hmm is it just me or did that list get a lot shorter recently?

it didn't get shorter .... just look above and you can see that

"st204" was selected, that means only st204 parts are showing....
yea what he said

i was just trying to make it easier for him..
Well I've heard that new wires won't do much unless you increase the air/fuel ratio, my wires are pretty new anyway. And also it wouldn't be worth it to get a new ignition because the engine isn't that powerful enough to begin with.

I was maybe thinking of going S-afc, and a header, I don't know. Anyone have any dyno's to prove that say, Nology Hot Wires work, or new ignition?
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