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Full Version: Knock Sensor Signal??
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I just git my o2 sensor fixed and my check engine light came on again and i get the code for the knock sensor signal. what does this mean?
My guess is your A/F ratio is messed up. Try resetting it as per the how-to.
Your knock sensor is a small microphone on cylinder 3 that listens for the tell tale bang of pre detonation (knock). Either your getting knock, or the knock sensor is faulty.
so how would i fix it if resetting the air fuel ratio does not work and the sensor is not bad. what is the knock and how do you fix it.
if your getting a knock sensor code, you need to check it, its a sensor located on the back of the block, it detects "pre-igniton" or "detonation" (2 diffrent things, by the way) and the ECU uses it to help try and save the motor.
if you poped your knock sensor, i suspect somthing may be wrong with your FI system, causing you to run lean.
when was the last time you did a fuel filter? how many miles on the engine?
152000 miles on the motor, and i have not changes the fuel filter since i have had the car. and i am not sure when it was changed b/c i bought the car with about 11500 on it about 3 years ago. so what do you think. is the something that is bad enough that i should not drive the car?

QUOTE(presure2 @ Oct 4, 2005 - 3:38 AM)
"pre-igniton" or "detonation" (2 diffrent things, by the way)

Yes they are but 'PRE' detonation and pre ignition are the same thing, it's where the fuel is being ignited to soon by the heat of the cylinder instead of by the spark, cylinder can be running too hot for several reasons, one which is the most likely cause is that its running lean, another cause could bad cooling.

Give the engine a good service...oil, water etc, renew or clean the plugs, replace the fuel filter and reset the ECU, if its still throwing out an error code for knock then you can either get the car tuned to see whats causing the problem, or if you know how to, test the knock sensor to see if it is working OK, these things are hyper sensative and dont last forever.
QUOTE (Insanity-74 @ Oct 5, 2005 - 2:45 AM) *
QUOTE (presure2 @ Oct 4, 2005 - 3:38 AM)
"pre-igniton" or "detonation" (2 diffrent things, by the way)

how to, test the knock sensor

Hi i have problem with them in ST205 JDM.
I change my knock sensor on them from ST202 (are the same)
Does anybody know how to check Knock sensor ?
Does it true that the wiring from ECU to Knock sensor is with mass screening?
Thank`s a lot Paul.
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