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Whats the cheapest, easiest route to get a celica GT to 160 horsepower without using nitrous or Forced Induction?
The simplest to start with is intake, UD pulley, and headers. Exhaust would be next. Now an easy mod, actually this is the first thing I ever did to my engine, is just to tighten your throttle cable. I'm not sure what the gain will be but it should be one hella of a improvement.

Thanks for the help smile.gif

Is an intake even really worth it? They're relativley expensive and I ehard they only give like one or two horsepower.

How would I tighten the throttle cable?

and exhaust

and some nitrous

underdrive pulley

header (good luck)
he said no nitrous.

CAI header exhaust Injectors Plugs Wires AFC pulleys, remove AC and get a new belt... bolt ons should get you there, but not likely any higher.

OR i bet if you go get it dyno tuned by someone who knows where theyre doing and customize the ECU to the new specs you could probably pull an extra 35 HP out of the engine with just a few minor bolt ons.
K2 has the right idea, and I think he is correct about the ECU tune. I'd imagine though that it would probably cost you 2-4 grand to do all of that if you get the highest performance parts you can get. Sure most of the bolt-ons are rather inexpensive, but if you went for Exhaust, it'd probably run you up a bit and the ECU would probably cost the most, as it would be custom. So, I'd say atleast 2 thousand dollars, maybe more. Someone correct me if I'm wrong in the slightest way.
Hey man, all of these inexpensive mods will get you to possibly the flywheel! Remember our cars are rated 135 at the flywheel....and as cars live longer their power decreases. I remember seeing a 80k mile 96 celica gt that was only pushin 93.7 hp at the wheels bar stock...he added exhaust, intake, plugs and wires and still only got it to 97.

Little things don't add horsepower. If you got some other things to not lose so much horsepower throughout the lightenend flywheel then you should talk camshaft regrinds, pistons, all that good stuff if you want tot ake advantage of that engine. Thats without force induction or nitrous.
crane cams?
That cheapest way is 2grand. Another cheap way to get it to 170-177 would be to swap in a 3sge. That should not cost more than 1500 for engine, ecu/harness, and install. Then you can do all that bolt on stuff...

-well these couple BOLT ON mods should give you around 160hp @flywheel
--->these mods are only for 94-95 (OBD1) and 96-99 (OBD2) 5SFE engines found in celica GT

-2.5" cat-back exhaust system (greddy)
-cold air intake (dr. cai)
-SAFC (apexi)
-plugs/wires (nology)
-pulleys (unorthordox)
-camshafts (web cam)
-and get some 101 octane gas (delta sonic)

(I know that you said NO nitrous, but easy 50shot would give you extra 35hp @wheels)
Venom 400 Computer, aproximatly up to 25% more hp.
QUOTE (CelicaGT6G @ May 14, 2003 - 10:35 PM)
Venom 400 Computer, aproximatly up to 25% more hp.

How much did you pay fro the Venom 400? I'm trying to look for that shiet in Canada and I can't find it.
QUOTE (CelicaGT6G @ May 14, 2003 - 10:35 PM)
Venom 400 Computer, aproximatly up to 25% more hp.

I'm sorry (I usually don't make rude comments), but you are a MORON

25% more horsepower? with a comp????? what the **** are you talking about?!?!?!?!?!

people turbo their cars and get 25% more HP

you get 10% more of that comp with the EXPERT tunning you'll be peing in ur pants.....

Wait... tightening your trottle cable? Does this work? What does it do?
QUOTE (HyperDeathKill @ May 15, 2003 - 2:52 PM)
Wait... tightening your trottle cable? Does this work? What does it do?

car idles at higher rpms..... the only thing it would do would be better

take-of (cause of the higher rpm launch).... but then u waste whole-lot of gas

on every day driving...
Woah screw that, if I wanna launch from higher RPMs, then I just launch from higher rpms!
QUOTE (CelicaGT6G @ May 14, 2003 - 10:35 PM)
Venom 400 Computer, aproximatly up to 25% more hp.

Such a rip off. Ok people, this topic was discussed a way long time ago by the eclipse spyder people. Plus it was tested by a few honda boards i think. Anywho, the Venom computer just changes the signal that the computer recieves from the throttle pedal. So when you go at 50% throttle with the pedal, the Venom unit tells the ECU that you're pushing it at like ~62% instead. Notice how the Venom unit "does not add full throttle gains". So really, it doesn't have any performance potential at all. mad.gif
its called a throttle enhancer bigger cars get more use out of them . i have one on my aurora.
Dude theres this concepy call twin throttle body, u know how u got one intake pipe comming out of ur throttle body, well u have two (one comming out from left and one comming out from the right) , this works well on NA cars not too expensive but it'll use up abit of juice, exhaust places can carry out this mod, u might need an aftermarket Air fuel controller tho.
That wouldn't be twin throttle body, just twin intake. If you're really serious, get individual TB's for each cylinder, that works great for N/A cars tongue.gif
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