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Full Version: Just got a puppy...yay me, have some pics now too
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Well I have been down here in Ocala, FL for the past week taking care of my grandma because she has just reciently suffered a stroke. My grandma has always wanted a Yorkshire Terrier so I talked to her nurses and all to see if it would be a good idea for me to get her one. They gave me the go and I ended up getting her a little tea cup Yorkie. She loves it biggrin.gif . On our way out from getting her puppy i over hear this lady talking about how she breeds Rottweilers (I have been looking for a Rottie pup for the past year). So I ask her about her Rottie and she says she has some pups now that she's trying to sell. I was like "wooo hoooo" and asked for her number. Well ends up I go see the pups and they are so cute and well I ended up getting one, she's so sweet, full AKC german Rottweiler. I'll have to post some picks of here once I get home. I leave friday so I'll get the picks to ya then, as long as the drivings not too bad. OMG but she's sooooo cute.

Okay i'm done now sorry about the dragged out story, I'm just so happy I got my puppy and my grandma's happy with her puppy and she's alot better then she was.

Everything's so good, now all i have to do is find a name for her (my pup that is).


Christina biggrin.gif
awww cant wait to see your new puppy biggrin.gif
There is an older couple that lives across the street from me and they have a Rottweiler. They raised her from when she was a little puppy. Its amazing how controlled that dog is. They walk her every morning and at any moment the dog could run or pull and the older couple couldnt do a thing about it. The dog stays calm and right by there side the whole time. Congratz on the new puppy. I have four dogs myself. Four rat terriors.
I was creative with my first 2 cats' names, Tony(the tiger) and Prince Charles. Now I have 4 cats, the others are "Cow" and "You"

I would name it Fransine... just cause I have NEVER seen anything named that.
I hate big dogs, cause they got lots of fleas, ticks, and what not. Around where I live, its best not to be friends with the dogs, unless its a house dog and that would be a really, really small dog. After a while, its better to wear a flea coller myself than put it on the dog. tongue.gif
Awesome, I have a Rotti, Shep mix. He's out of control. BUT he's very cute... when he's sleeping... hahaha Congrats

i got puppy too.

I have some names for her but i think im down to these two: sasha and sadie. The only problem with Sadie is it's a very common name for dogs. The others I thought of where: Akera, Akasha (queen of the damed), and Emma (because it's a german name and well she's german). I think I'm leaning towards Sasha.
user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image
awww!!! so cute, i love puppies!!
Very cute. I like Sasha.
ahhhhh she's adorable! but wait till it gets big wink.gif

just a lil something to look foward to...

user posted image

and btw yes i am aware that i look like a tool in this picture.

awww that's a cute picture, and yes I realize she's gonna be a big girl. Her daddy was 190 lbs. and her mommy was 178 lbs. she's not gonna be all.
great pic tina.
QUOTE(celicagurl152003 @ Nov 27, 2005 - 4:58 PM) [snapback]360135[/snapback]

awww that's a cute picture, and yes I realize she's gonna be a big girl. Her daddy was 190 lbs. and her mommy was 178 lbs. she's not gonna be all.

hehe awesome! I LOVE big doggies. Tonka was 110 at his last dr. appoinment over the summer.

QUOTE(dstrbcelica @ Nov 27, 2005 - 5:10 PM) [snapback]360140[/snapback]

great pic tina.

hehe thanks
is it christmas already... muahahaha. nice pic tina. and celicagurl152003, you have a nice looking pup.
cute puppy

big dogs are the best, you can almost never hurt them when you are playing with them
yea i have rotties.. the puppies are reallllllyyy cute, they gro up to be tremendous ... there great dogs
that's why i got one.....they hae great personalities and are like a little sister/ brother.....she's great to play with, and she's great with the crew I hang with.....although apparently she doesn't like this one peed on was funny she looked so sad.....he was cool about it though
i gotta yorky...things are cute when they are puppies and are just as cute when they're full grown
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