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Full Version: Well today has been just grand..
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So, my day starts off fine.. drop the girlfriend off at school, Drive to ITT, and then my day goes into the s***ter.

I go to get my books, because it is a new quarter.. I get to the bookstore and they tell me I need to go see my counselor.. Okay, so I go to the counselor, who informs me I owe them 3K for last quarter and this quarter's tuition and I can't come back until I pay. So I get on the phone to my mom, Who is suposed to be paying them with a grant I got, and ask her whats going on.. She says the check hasn't cleared.. Bulls***. Somehow I get back into school..

THEN I get to work and I get a call from my girlfriend. Her dad has been cheating on her mom and has been for quite some time. They are getting a divorce. She is going to be staying with her mom, which is good, except that her mom doesn't have a job, so they are forced to sell their house, pay off whats left to the bank, and find an apartment around town and her mom has to get a job. All the while I am having to comfort a 17 year old girl who is balling because her dad doesn't love her anymore..

Now I get to go to bed, wake up, and do it all over again.. Man I love life. thumbsdown.gif
Hang in there bro, although you might not be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel just yet, things WILL get better. I promise you. Best thing you can do right now is be there for your girl and try not to stress out about school!

wow....sorry to hear that man. just like josh said tho. itll get better.
Lifes tough and life blows. Gotta suck it up and be strong and move on w/ your life. Lifes full of ups and downs...right now its down so things have to go back up. Look forward to that.
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