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I've been hunting for a forum or some kind of general knowledge of a 4th gen golf GTi's. Those are the new ones. Not the brand new ones, but the ones they had in 04 for sure. I don't know much about them, but I'd like to. I've got a buddy who has decided to let me help him modify his Golf. Well, I'm really excited, but I don't want to look stupid. I'd like to know as much as I can about these things. If I don't have the resorses (money) to modify my car, I can at least fix up someone elses. I just like to fix up cars, I don't care who's it is. Any help?
try, huge vw, audi forums. the 4th gen jetta/golf has 204040 topics.
QUOTE(Snarfer @ Dec 12, 2005 - 1:57 AM) [snapback]366121[/snapback]

try, huge vw, audi forums. the 4th gen jetta/golf has 204040 topics.

agreed. The Golf IV/JettaIV forum is very very good. It has an incredible knowledge base, but just remember this, you will get flamed hard for asking dumb questions. Make sure you study this before asking anything.
I've spent an hour studying so far. There are so many VW's. I wish there was a site for the 4th generation Golfs like there is for the 6gc. I get spoiled. I've already seen a couple of people get flamed on there, they are kind of nasty. I'll keep up the research. Toyota might loose me to VW. The new R32 look nice. I'm sick of 2wd.
bump. Anyone else any general info or opinions on this thing? This is the only time I bump this.
they are fast, small vw's that are pretty quick, and with the right know how they can be made into a very nice car. a friend of mine has one he has been tuning for a short while. its a very quick car now and i think it looks awesome.
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