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Full Version: Throttle Cable
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Ive seen people say that tightening your throttle cable will give it better response etc...How do i go about doing this?
it is adjustable at the throttle body(and i think at the pedal but not really sure, been a while since i had my head down there) but it doesnt do anything for your car unless it was so loose that the TB would not be open all the way when floored
if you tighten it dont do it very much ive known people who tightened it to where their car idled at 2000 rpms and thats just stupid
I just got done tightening my throttle cable. I didn't think it was all that loose, but apparently it was. Anyway here is a good description on how to do it:
I put that in a thread here, I think it was the free mod one confused.gif , but ya its easy and there is alot of slack on it. I don't know why it was set at that from the factory. You won't see a big difference but every little bit counts. Just don't tighten it too much that it pulls on the throttle assembly making it idle high. All that will do is waste gas.

it's nice to idle at higher RPMs when you have Automatic.....

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