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Full Version: made my intake yesterday
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Last night me and my friends decided to build a short ram intake for my 94 celica gt. We tried to put a CAI but theres no way it would of fit with out remounting the battery. I just used a 2" to 3" reducer cupler that connects to my throttle boddy then i used a 3" 45 degree PVC pipe and ran about 7 and 1/2 3" to my K & N cone filter. I think the total cost came out to be like around 45 to 50 bucks. It sounds really nice.
Do you have any pics you could post or email to me? I'm very interested as I have a 97 GT. I'm currently trying to figure out how to make a CAI for it, but it looks like I'll have to become very imaginative! BTW- what K&N filter did you use?


If you scroll to the bottom, you can buy pipes for making an intake at whatever size you want. Just find the dimensions from somebody.
So you definately need to relocate your battery if you try to make a custom cia for a GT...has anyone tested this theory????
QUOTE (badica95 @ May 20, 2003 - 9:39 PM)
So you definately need to relocate your battery if you try to make a custom cia for a GT...has anyone tested this theory????

doesnt the Injen CAI fit into the GT's??? I know they're expensive but from what i heard its well worth the money tongue.gif
Well, I asked about this over on the boards, and The Evil Speed Toe (who sells CAI's for the ST's) basically said the gains you would get from this mod would not warrant the cost. Basically it wasn't worth the money to produce em. I suppose in the ST, being as underpowered as it is, does get a bit of a gain from this.
yea, thats because there will have to be too many bends in the piping
it is posibel to make a CIA for the celica gt i made one for my car last month and it works great i will post some pics later
buy a short ram, a nice heat shield, and a Accel Kool Blue direct flow filter. Then run the tube that comes with the filter to a cool air area :like where your stock pipe came from. Bam, a basic cold air system,,, sorta. If you build an air box, I'd say it would almost be better because there would be no chance for water problems.
how much would that put you back?
Figure 50 buck's or less for the actual pipe. Drill and tap for your temp sensor, the filter, and finally associated fittings. I'm going to guess the filter will be about $45>>the actual price hasn't been released (but I'm checking with autozone often)

YOU could do it for well under $150

The cold air box could be made of just about anything, but would take some thinking. I'd personally use some good thick plastic and foamy tape to seal it. Like I said just think about it.

When I can actually buy the filter, I'll post, but I really don't know when that'll be.

Guys to get a decent CAI under your bonnet you will need to either relocate the battery, or the Power Steering Controller (if you have it).

After taking everything apart, there is no where else that a 2 or 3" pipe will be able to reach the front of the engine.

I'm thinking of moving both.. but we'll see what happens.
really? I didn't think the DRCAI moved anything... do you have a GT?
That would be a great how-to on relocating the battery. How would one go about doing that. CAI is a must. I would love to make a CAI for my GT but I just don't have the knowhow to do it. Some help is needed.
i made a cai for my 95 st. i used the info on the how-to but had to change around the installation ALOT. only used 2 of the pieces instead of 3 and switched where each part goes, it sounds and performs great
I have a GT, is the piping the the same size for the GT? Could I run in the same way? What modifications would I have to make for it to fit on a GT?
If it's that tough on a GT, I'd say make a custom air box. It's easy guys, I promise.
really? I didn't think the DRCAI moved anything... do you have a GT?

I haven't seen the DRCAI, But I don't think it will fit if you have power steering (unless they are much more clever than I - which is quite
Yep same car. (ZR actually).

Heres my input on where to put ur CAI piping.

Look at the picture of my engine bay.. As you can see, I've jammed some aluminium ducting to the left of the p/steering controller. Any rigid piping (pvc/stainless/aluminium) over about 2 inches will NOT fit through the gap where the ducting runs.

Also - You can't run CAI piping over the top of the radiator top hose - the bonnet won't close.

BUT - If you used a different or custom top hose, you could possibly keep the power steering and battery where they are - but now you will have to relocate the sensor on the header.... DAMMIT!

Sooo - Move the power steering controller biggrin.gif I would like to do this sometime in the future, but I'm probably just going to get my exhaust shop to do it and fabricate a CAI when they are making my custom exhaust - Stainless all the way of course !!

user posted image
Oh btw Komlofske moving the battery is pretty easy to do. Basically, just run wire from the original battery cables to where you want the battery to be. Depending on your wiring/soldering skills, you can either do a pro. job or whatever you feel able to do.

But.. I'd recommend going all out and doing full solders, shink wrap and electrical tape etc etc.. just to make sure you get good connections happening.
well mines not a gt but here r some pics of the cai i made, it's one piece aluminum.
well mines not a gt but here's somes pics of my cai i made, its a one peice aluminum.
oops i posted it twice cwm13.gif
where did you find that pipe?
it's off a 2002 chevy duramax diesel the turbo to intercooler pipe it fits almost perfect in our st's. the only problem is it cost $350.00. i got lucky found mine. go to some junk yards see if u can find one.
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