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Full Version: cleaning throttle body
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any of you guys cleaned the throttle body? does the 7afe tb get excessively dirty? and whats the best way to clean it.

I'm also wondering if I need to change the pcv valve. this didn't even occur to me before but apparently its supposed to be changed every 15,000 miles?

It will get dirty over time

It is fairly hard to clean. You can use Carburetor/throttle body cleaner spray.

You would have to remove the plastic hose connect to the throttle body to the air box.

Rev your engine while spraying.

I personannly know that indivisual throttle bodies to get dirty.

If you wnat, you can remove the whole assembly and use gasoline to clean the whole throttle assembly.

I do not know, but I thought the pcv is only on turbocharge cars.

Either way, if that is the case, change it.
if you've time, put it down and polish it.... wink.gif
the pcv is located in a vacuum hose connecting the intake manifold and the valve cover. on the 7afe it is the one on the left when you are at the front of your car(there are only two visible at this point). to check it, just pull it out and shake the valve. if you hear a rattle, the pcv is most likely good. or you can take the hose off on the intake manifold side and blow through it. if air passes though it easily then it is still good. but hey, they are like $8, so just go ahead and change it to make yourself feel better. biggrin.gif
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